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Chipotle Pulls Out the Stops to Win Back Customers

By Candice Choi | Jul 23
Chipotle saw a smaller drop in sales as it tries to win back customers, but the company says it doesn't know how long it will take to fully recover after an E. coli outbreak and norovirus cases last fall.

Uruguay Marijuana Growers Compete in Cannabis Cup

By Matilde Campodonico | Jul 23
Uruguay is home to the world's first government-regulated national marketplace for pot, so it's not surprising that growers have a competition for best marijuana.

Should Schools Punish in Sex Cases When There's No Accuser?

By Pat Eaton-Robb | Jul 22
When it comes to claims of sexual assault, schools can mete out punishment even in the absence of a complaint from the alleged victim.

More U.S. Schools Accused of Denying Education to Immigrants

By Maryclaire Dale | Jul 22
Civil rights lawyers have sued a third U.S. school district over what they call a practice of denying older refugee and immigrant students a meaningful education by steering them to alternative high schools.

Roger Ailes Out As Head of Fox News, Fox Business

Jul 21
Roger Ailes is out as chief executive at Fox News Channel and Fox Business, his career at the networks he built from scratch and ran with an iron hand for nearly 20 years

Feds Say Health Mergers Would Increase Costs, Threaten Care

By Tom Murphy and Eric Tucker | Jul 21
Federal regulators are suing to stop two major health insurance mergers because they say the deals will increase health care costs for Americans and lower the quality of care they get.

Autopilot Technology Drives Teslas But Comes With Warnings

By Justin Pritchard and Joan Lowy | Jul 21
A Tesla in Autopilot mode can drive itself but it's not a "self-driving" vehicle, at least as far as safety regulators are concerned.

Racism at Airbnb Inspires New Sites Innclusive and Noirbnb

By Beth J. Harpaz | Jul 21
Accusations that Airbnb has been ignoring complaints of racism have led several black entrepreneurs to create two new vacation rental websites where they say racism will not be tolerated.

Fox News Chief Reportedly Negotiating Exit Amid Sexual Harassment Probe

Jul 21
Roger Ailes is reportedly negotiating his departure from Fox News. Ailes is currently under investigation for accusations that he sexually harassed former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson -- and now reportedly star anchor Megyn Kelly.

In Saratoga Springs, Reviving the Wells That Made It Famous

By Chris Carola | Jul 21
More than a century after scores of Saratoga Springs' famous mineral wells were capped in an early example of environmental conservation, a few of them could soon be flowing with naturally carbonated water once again.

1 thru 10 of 4819 Stories