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UN Panel: Too Often Only Half of Aid Money Gets to the Needy

By Edith M. Lederer | Feb 7
Too often only half of the money from donors is getting to the millions of people devastated by conflicts and natural disasters who desperately need humanitarian aid, the co-chair of a U.N.-appointed panel said Wednesday.

Jobs Report Helps Ease Concerns A Recession Might Be Nearing

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Feb 6
U.S. manufacturing is shrinking, corporate profits are declining and goods are piling up on warehouse shelves. Those trends have elevated concern that a U.S. recession may loom in the next year or two.

What Potential Home Buyers Need to Know

Feb 5
Thirty-two percent of real estate transactions run into some kind of delay.

Cheap Oil Buoys Consumers, Shakes Up Global Governments

Feb 4
Cheap oil will be sticking around for a while. That reality is wreaking havoc and causing uncertainty for some governments and businesses, while creating financial windfalls for others.

Upper Midwest Farmers Transitioning to Organic Can Get Aid

By Blake Nicholson | Jan 31
North Dakota and Minnesota are helping farmers with the three-year transition from traditional crops to organic production.

Panhandlers Win in Court Over Sheriff's Office in Chicago

By Michael Tarm | Jan 29
A jury at a federal civil trial Thursday awarded $1,500 each to two panhandlers who took one of the nation's largest sheriff's offices to court for violating their constitutional right to ask passers-by for money.

Fed Faces A Messier Economic Picture 6 Weeks After Rate Hike

By Martin Crutsinger | Jan 29
Six weeks after raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade, Federal Reserve policymakers now face a more perilous global picture that could alter their plans for further raising rates this year.

Few U.S. Neighborhoods Affordable, Walkable with Good Schools

By Josh Boak | Jan 28
Across the country, just 14 percent of neighborhoods manage to be at once affordably priced, walkable and near decent schools. And many of those neighborhoods exist in only two cities: Washington and Seattle.

Apple's iPhone Success May Be Reaching Its Peak

By Brandon Bailey | Jan 25
Apple could soon face one of its biggest challenges to date: Peak iPhone.

Busted! Vegas-Area Cabs Overcharging Public by $47M a Year

Jan 20
State auditors say Las Vegas-area cabs are overcharging customers to the tune of $47 million a year.

1 thru 10 of 2603 Stories