Trailer for Franco's Reboot of '90s Camp Classic Released

James Franco has re-conceived the 1996 Tori Spelling-starring camp horror classic "Mother I Slept With Danger" for 2016 audiences with - surprise - a gay twist. Check out the trailer of the movie to be aired in June.

Sandra Bernhard and Erika Jayne at Parliament House During Gay Disney Week

CELEBRITIES | By Mike Halterman and Scott Holland | May 29
Sandra Bernhardt and Erika Jayne will be there as Gay Disney Week gets going! Here, in a pair of interviews, is what they have to say about the gig.

'RuPaul's Drag Race': Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls

TELEVISION | By Scot Holland | May 29
I felt like I waited so long for "RuPaul's Drag Race" to start and then it felt like in the blink of an eye we were at the finale. It was a pleasure to sit down with Kim and Naomi the very next day for this exclusive Hotspots Interview.

Reveling in the American Songbook

MUSIC | By Richard Dodds | May 29
Currently in the cast of "Fun Home," Judy Kuhn will take time to bring "Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel" to Feinstein's at the Nikko on June 3 and 4.

New SFMOMA: The Whirlwind Tour

FINE ARTS | By Sura Wood | May 29
Last week we opined on SFMOMA's new house; now we take a look at what's inside.