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Gay Fitness: Six-Pack Exercises

by Michael Verdugo and Frankie Watson
Monday Dec 31, 2012

If you want a six-pack or a defined abdomen you really need to work at it. Core muscles are often neglected during a workout simply because they take more focus to push through the almost instant burn you get when you start engaging them. Set a realistic but aggressive goal to keep up your drive and desire for a tight, lean core. How bad do you really want it? Make it a new years resolution.

The best core exercises utilize your own body weight to perform the workout. A common misconception is adding heavy weights to your side, oblique workout. This builds up the muscle and can sometimes create an unwanted shape to your core. The main goal is to lean out by using your own body weight, cardio and focusing on your diet and potentially adding light weights.

Everyone has core muscles, whether you can see them or not is a different story. That's why focusing on diet and cardio workouts are key to shedding the layer of fat that sits on your stomach. Cardio exercise gets your heart rate up, burns calories and fat. Performing cardio exercise at different intervals and speeds throughout a weight training circuit increases your bodies need for energy and turns to fat cells to provide it. Leaving you with a nice, lean stomach after consistent training.

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The Fitness Ball

A primary benefit of exercising with a fitness ball as opposed to exercising directly on a hard flat surface is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles. Those muscles become stronger over time to keep balance. Most frequently, the core body muscles - the abdominal muscles and back muscles - are the focus of exercise ball fitness programs.


Position your feet on the center of the ball and place your hands shoulder width apart. Maintain a straight back so that your entire body forms a straight line from head to toe. Tuck your knees to your chest as you roll the ball towards your core and then back to starting plank position. Continue to roll the ball back and forth, tucking your knees and keeping your core muscles tight. Complete three sets of twenty to twenty-five reps each.


Sitting slightly forward on the fitness ball, plant your feet at a forty-five degree angle away from each other to maintain balance. You can either place your hands behind your head or cross them across your chest holding on to your shoulders, whichever is more natural. As you lean back keep your core tight and engaged; don't rest on the ball. Bring your body back up and crunch your core. Complete three sets of twenty to twenty-five reps.

Ball to feet

Lie down on your back using a mat or comfortable floor service. Place the fitness ball in your hands and bring it over your head. Bring the ball and your legs to meet up in the middle of your body as you transfer the ball back and forth from your legs to your hands. Complete three sets of twenty to twenty-five reps.

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