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Gay Fitness: Suspension Training

by Michael Verdugo and Frankie Watson
Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

It's a new year and the beginning of a new you. With your resolutions set, take your body to the next level with the TRX Suspension Trainer. The TRX engages and develops your core, flexibility, strength and balance all simultaneously. The great part about TRX is that you can perform hundreds of exercises and get a total body workout. Using your own bodyweight and the natural resistance gravity provides, you can create a challenging workout you won't get bored with and see amazing results. The TRX is also made for home gyms, simply setting up outside or in your garage. There is also an alternative TRX system for setting up in a doorframe. With the almost limitless exercise options and the results rendered; the cost is worth it. Visit to buy for your own home.

Suspension training is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. A person can safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility all at the intensity that they choose; allowing fitness levels from beginners to experts to achieve an intense workout. Here are several exercises we perform at Bodytek Fitness.


Have a seat on the floor facing the wall and position your heels securely on the TRX. Lift your body up with your arms. Hands can either face forward toward or away from the wall whichever is more comfortable. Position yourself far enough away from the wall so that your legs are straight. In a back and forth motion, pull your knees as close into your chest as possible. Repeat this exercise in three sets of fifteen to twenty reps.

Rear Fly "T"

Grab the TRX with both hands and face the wall. Have your hands together with palms facing each other. Keep your back straight and extend your arms out with your elbows slightly bent. "Fly" your arms back and forth in a controlled motion. Squeeze your back muscles together when you extend your arms out. Standing closer to the wall creates more resistance and the farther away you stand creates less. Repeat this exercise in three sets of fifteen to twenty reps.

Chest Fly

Grab the TRX bands in each hand and face away from the wall. Lean forward with your elbows slightly bent with your arms extended wide. Keep your back straight and push your arms forward so that they meet in the middle, your palms should face each other. Squeeze your chest muscles as your hands come together. Because you're using your own body weight you can control your resistance level. Standing closer to the wall creates more resistance and the more forward you stand creates less. In a controlled motion, slowly go back into starting position. Be careful not to relax quickly into the wide arm stance. Not only can you injure yourself with a quick, sporadic movement; by going slower and controlling the entire motion you're still working out your muscles as you "relax" back into starting position. Repeat this exercise in three sets of fifteen to twenty reps.

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