by Jake Mulligan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Sep 12, 2012

Is there an actor more honest than Jason Statham? Yes, his films might not find "truth" in the way actors might at your local art-house, but here is a man who truly understands his audience, and never has that been more obvious than in "Safe." Is he turning out masterpieces? No. But with films like this, "Crank," "The Bank Job," and "The Transporter," he's giving his fans exactly what they want: old-school, hard-boiled actioners.

Yes, "Safe" is full of derivative moments, "been there done that" characterizations (an angry badass who's had everything taken away from him! Ever seen that before?), and blatantly ripped off stylizations. But it also has a scene where Statham takes out an entire restaurant full of baddies with nothing more than a set of silverware. That's enough to sell me.

"Safe" is another 'everyone chasing after an object' movie, featuring a crew of baddies, our hero, and some in-betweens as they battle through the city for a valuable parcel. The twist here is that the parcel is a small Chinese girl. Her photographic memory inspired some sub B-movie mastermind to put all his money in a safe, and to leave the combination only in her mind. The chases and fights that follow are beyond easily forgettable, but the copious forkings and kinetic camerawork (whip-pans and transitions a plenty, seemingly stolen wholesale from the aesthetic of director Edgar Wright) sure are a lot of fun while they're going on.

Extras are less than substantial: a commentary with Yakin reveals nothing except how in love he is with his own film, and a fluffy behind-the-scenes feature designed for play on cable. But for action junkies simply looking for a bloody fun night's entertainment, this is nothing if not a "Safe" choice.

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