Fringe - The Complete Fourth Season

by JC Alvarez
Monday Sep 17, 2012
Fringe - The Complete Fourth Season

When "Fringe" debuted four seasons ago it was little more than a spruced up rehash of "The X-Files." But leave it to executive producer J.J. Abrams to once again reboot a familiar genre format and turn it on its ear. "Fringe" introduced FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) who is recruited into a division of the bureau that investigates cases steeped in "fringe" sciences - cases of an unsolvable nature possessed of a supernatural, extra-terrestrial or unexplained element.

After three seasons of surviving scary monsters, alternate dimensions, and sinister invaders with ill intent, no one was prepared for the turn of events taken in this the penultimate year of the series. With a decisively complex cast of characters (a set of scorecards could help) and deeply intricate mythology, this season of "Fringe" answers the question: what would happen if you simply erased one of the favorite cast members from history all together?

Even the somewhat unhinged Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) doesn't recognize his own son Peter (Joshua Jackson) who keeps appearing in the strangest places, but erasing Peter from history appears to have fit in perfectly with the mysterious "Observer's" plan. But what does this mean for Peter (Is he really gone?), or the rest of his colleagues who are now left to solve the mysteries leading up to "Fringe's" epic conclusion without his brilliance?

Loaded with exclusive bonus content available only on Blu-ray, including a worth-while immersive look at the "culture" behind the phenomenon being called "the best science fiction on television" the 4-disc set is sure to make you a convert before its end. An impressive cast, an excitingly well written thriller, "Fringe - The Complete Fourth Season" is a great place to start...before it all ends!

"Fringe - The Complete Fourth Season"
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