The Client List - The Complete First Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Mar 4, 2013
The Client List - The Complete First Season

"The Client List" answers that age old question, "Wouldn't 'The Ghost Whisperer' be better with handjobs?" Jennifer Love Hewitt, with her two extremely large...eyelashes, plays Riley Parks, a single mother that gets drafted into the rub-n-tug business.

Rather than being a sexy soap opera or a rehashing of "Hung," the show instead feels a little like, 'Touched by the Hooker.' Each episode, Riley uses her intuitive listening skills and need to butt-in to help one of her clients. Meanwhile, she struggles with her mess of a life, aided by her boss, Georgia Cummings (Loretta Devine) and her overbearing mother, Linette (Cybill Shepherd).

Of course, it must be watched ironically or while inebriated.

The first season, available on DVD, is a little sparse on bonus features. It includes some deleted scenes. Given the show is a drama, the deleted scenes are mostly just snippets of scenes and extra footage of ancillary storylines. They aren't a real value proposition for the DVD.

"The Client List," as preposterous as it may seem, is actually pretty entertaining. Of course, it must be watched ironically or while inebriated. Hewitt's Texas twang, Devine as a sickeningly sweet Madam and Shepherd in anything after 1995 make the series oddly captivating. "The Client List" is definitely worth catching...if only to see that a show about a happy-ending homemaker made it on the air.

"The Client List: The Complete First Season"

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