Men At Work - The Complete First Season

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 26, 2013
Men At Work - The Complete First Season

"Men at Work" was set up to be the male version of "Sex and the City," the famed New York series featuring Sarah Jessica Parker as writer Carrie Bradshaw - our hero. But this new series on TBS has none of the same wit, or intelligence. So it really is "a piece of work."

Circling around the lives of four friends working at a magazine in Manhattan, the writer and director Breckin Meyer ("Franklin & Bash") created this flipflopper unbeknownst to him. Seemingly full of great ideas and sharp comments the series cannot get the flow of things quite right, the episodes are jammed into each other and the lives of the show's characters are nothing really exciting or new. It's almost as if all the lines from "Friends" were cobbled together and made more "bro-like" in this series.

The manic list of characters includes an undifferentiated Milo (Danny Masterson, TV's "That '70s Show"), a boring Neal (Adam Busch, TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), an almost sexy Tyler (Michael Cassidy, "Argo") and a banal Gibbs (James Lesure, TV's "Las Vegas). Unfortunately none of these guys are interesting enough to make the series worth watching.

all the lines from "Friends" were cobbled together and made more ’bro-like" in this series

Boring, trite and completely stale the show unfortunately cannot excite even with its ballsy attempt to be irreverent, relevant and courageous with its carbon copy content. The actors seem confused in their clich├ęd roles and their over-acting doesn't help. The season is long, and the jokes get tired and desiccated quickly.

The DVD 2-Disc version includes "Outtakes" and "Deleted Scenes" and these are ironically more interesting that the actual show. But then again, they're not even that interesting.

"Men at Work Season 1"
DVD 2-Disc version

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