Arrow - The Complete First Season

by JC Alvarez
Friday Sep 20, 2013
Arrow - The Complete First Season

A lot has changed in the five years since billionaire son Oliver Queen was lost at sea. When Starling City's favorite son turns up alive, the scars are deeper than what we see on the surface of his well-chiseled features. Oliver's on a mission to right some wrongs - leaving his philandering ways behind him and becoming a cowled crusader, dedicated to saving his city from the underworld corruption that has infested it like a cancer. In "Arrow" The Complete First Season the latest comic book hero from the world of DC Comics gets adapted for the small screen...and fan boys are green with envy.

The Green Arrow, known as the Emerald Archer, is a vigilante not unlike the Batman, and similarly to his Dark Knight counterpart's secret identity, Oliver Queen (played by up-and-coming hottie Stephen Amell) uses his vast wealth, and the survival skills he's learned on a dangerous island, to avenge his father's name. The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack features all 23 of the action-packed episodes of Season One, revealing the origin of Starling City's bow wielding vigilante. "Arrow" also became an instant fan-favorite with the introduction of such other iconic DC Comics characters like The Huntress, Deathstroke and Oliver's love interest Laurel Lance (who may, or may not become the heroine Black Canary in Season Two).

The 9-disc set (4 Blu-ray/5 DVD) in stunning Hi-def comes fully stocked with behind-the-scenes features detailing the journey to adapt Green Arrow's comic book story for the series, as well as a look at making the show sexy and contemporary. With its star at the center of a well-elaborated conspiracy, "Arrow" is the show to get into your crosshairs and take aim - it hits the target. "Arrow" The Complete First Season is like a wonderful marriage between Earl Flynn and James Bond, with just as many chills and thrills.

"Arrow" The Complete First Season
available now as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with digital download
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