Out There :: Thank God We’re Gay!

by Roberto Friedman
Saturday Jun 29, 2013

We have to admit, even though this is our 30th SF Pride week, seeing the line of rainbow flags flapping in the breeze down Market St. always gives us goosebumps (or should that be ganderbumps?). Despite all the usual craziness and corporate crapitude, we'll still say it loud: We're gay and we're proud!

The gayest days of the gayest month in the gayest little city in the world are now underway. The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, Frameline 37's opening-night film was director Stacie Passon's daring debut feature "Concussion." From the title we thought we'd be getting some insight into the psychology of our dear friend L., who has had several head-first bike accidents, or of our dear friend M., who was dropped on his head when he was but a small boy. But the concussion suffered by upper-middle-class lesbian housewife Abby (Robin Weigert) when she's hit in the head by an errant baseball is not dwelled upon. It serves as the jumping-off point for her amorous extramarital activities: she's soon turning tricks in the big city as a high-priced call girl. Shades of Catherine Deneuve in director Luis Bunuel's Belle de Jour!

This film has more steamy lesbian sex than little old Out There has ever seen, and the writing, acting and cinematography are all first-rate. Even if you're not in the market for a session with a high-class lesbo housefrau, don't miss it when it gets a commercial release this fall.

At the film fest's glamorous afterparty held at Terra Gallery, OT and our primo "plus one" Pepi enjoyed cooling our heels on a low-slung divan while the maddening crowd flowed all around us. We also got to meet humpy model Allan Gamboa-Amador, who was rocking a Superman shirt when he wasn't whipping it off. Photographer Steven Underhill, an expert model wrangler if ever there was one, explained, "He really is a little shy, but when it comes to showing off there is a fearless exhibitionist quality to him, and an interesting personality. Plus he's in the Masters program in Astrophysics at UC Berkeley!" Well, it isn't rocket science - no, wait a minute, yes it is!

See & Be Scene

The night before the Frameline opening, OT and Pepi were delighted to attend the 6th Annual Pride Kick-Off Party 2013 hosted by Mark Rhoades honoring 400 LGBT leaders, movers and shakers of our community. As usual with a Rhoades event, the setting was glamorous - the Redwood Room in the Clift Hotel San Francisco - and the guest list was a bumper crop of boldface names, including Brandon Hernandez, Joy Bianchi, Ken Fulk, Tom Horn, Jack Calhoun, Tim Wu, Bevan Dufty, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Eliana Lopez, Riccardo Benavides, Marilyn Cabak, Alan Morrell, Olya Dzilikhova, Edward Dubrovsky and Karen Caldwell. We got to tell Dufty we thought he did the right thing by stepping down as Grand Marshal in light of SF Pride's complete bungling of the Bradley Manning affair. We got to meet and hang out with Pepi's hip-hop dance teacher Sarah Bush, of the Sarah Bush Dance Project. We got our society photograph taken by a Drew Altizer shutterbug. We got to gawk at all the handsome men.

Rhoades told us, "I don't want to toot my our horn, but I do it all. I am the one that came up with the idea, I get the sponsors. I pick the charity, venue, decor, lighting, sound, menu, alcohol sponsors, and it's my list that I pick and choose to invite. I get the people and the press to cover it. I try to make it all look effortless. On top of it all I still have to look good and be charming!" Mission accomplished, Mark!

Correx Box

Our favorite correction from last week, from The New York Times, June 20: "An article on June 6 about the Bushwick Open Studios event in Brooklyn misinterpreted a statement by the artist Jumper Alcorn in the process of paraphrasing it to eliminate an obscenity. Ms. Alcorn says that the vulgarity in her manifesto means that she is a feminist who messes around, not that she 'sleeps around.'" Slut-shamed by the Times: That's gotta hurt!

Finally, and we can't believe we're doing this, but yes, Out There is going to recommend a cat video. Do not miss the fabulous Meowia Clawas singing the exciting finale to Pawcini's La Catsca! Go to YouTube, and search for Meowia Clawas. They don't make opera stars like that any meow.

Our Pride week hasn't ended yet. After press time this week you can find us at the opening night for "Beyond Belief" at the Contemporary Jewish Museum/SF; at the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus performance of "Andrew Lippa's I Am Harvey Milk" at the Nourse Auditorium; at the San Francisco Symphony's "West Side Story" concert at Davies Hall; at Frameline 37's closing-night film "G.B.F." at the Castro Theatre; and at queer points in-between. Glad, as always, to be gay.

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