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Passion for Toys Fills Mexico Museum

By Dario Lopez | Jan 16
Tucked in the middle of the Mexico City's historic but seedy Doctores neighborhood, the Antique Toy Museum is stuffed with Legos, superhero action figures, robots, model airplanes, trains and Hello Kitty.

San Francisco, CA

Early New Year Gallery Roundup

By Sura Wood | Jan 15
It's officially winter, and baby, is it ever cold outside. But gallery-wise, the year is heating up what might otherwise be a dreary season. Throw on the parka and grab the umbrella, there are places to go and things to see.

'A Designer's Designer': NY Exhibit Showcases Chareau

By Katherine Roth | Jan 11
Chareau's work straddles industrial aesthetics and traditional fine craftsmanship, clean spare lines and playful 1920s whimsy.

San Francisco, CA

Looking Ahead at 2017 in the Museums

By Sura Wood | Jan 8
2017 has barely gotten off the ground, but it's already shaping up to be a dynamic year at local museums. Take a look.

Mundane Items Ooze Love, Loss at Failed-Relationships Museum

By Christopher Weber | Dec 29
After her husband asked for a divorce, Amber Clisura gave back her engagement ring, kicked him out of the house and tossed everything that reminded her of the ruined marriage. Except for one item: a polished steel barbecue smoker.

New Subway Station has Public Art Rarely Seen: A Gay Couple

By Deepti Hajela and Ula Ilnytzky | Dec 27
The sight of two men holding hands is far from uncommon, but a mural of two men doing just that is showing up in an unusual place - on the walls of a new subway station in New York City.

4 New Ways Museums Are Using Technology

By Ula Ilnytzky | Dec 26
Museums are always looking for ways to make their exhibitions more exciting. Now, new technologies are making that easier.

Sexy Santa's Pack a Punch!

Dec 18
Our good friend inkedKenny once again shows us how to photograph the most famous beard of all! That's right Santa, or maybe Father Christmas, or even Chris Kringle.

San Francisco, CA

Transforming Refuse into Art

By Sura Wood | Dec 18
The artwork produced by the Artist-in-Residence program at Recology San Francisco goes well beyond turning sows' ears into silk purses.

Detroit Museum Looks at Food Sculptures, Monuments

Dec 16
An exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts offers a detailed look at elaborate sculptures and monuments made of food for street festivals and royal banquets in Europe.

1 thru 10 of 468 Stories