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San Francisco, CA

No Direction Home

By Sura Wood | Dec 4
"Covered in Time and History: The Films of Ana Mendieta," now at BAMPFA, has the effect of making viewers complicit in enigmatic rituals.

San Francisco, CA

Out There : Collaborators in Uncommon Art

By Roberto Friedman | Dec 3
People on deadline, crazy writer types and polyamorists all benefit from having structure in their lives, even on vacation.

San Francisco, CA

William Blake, Artist in Paradise

By Sura Wood | Nov 27
William Blake at last has a gallery dedicated to him.

Museum Celebrates Boston's Favorite Ducks with New Exhibit

By Tracee M. Herbaugh | Nov 26
America's most famous mallard family is waddling into Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.

San Francisco, CA

Painting at Full Throttle

By Sura Wood | Nov 20
Don't merely think big, think off the charts - that's the Frank Stella that comes through in the first comprehensive U.S. overview of the artist's prolific output in almost three decades.

A Hidden Slice of History :: The Underground LGBT Influence on 20th Century Art

By Brian Scott Lipton | Nov 19
"Gay Gotham" is more than just a chance to see some good-looking men, beautiful artwork or a clip from "West Side Story."

Elton John's Photo Trove Displays Beauty in Black and White

By Jill Lawless | Nov 9
He's one of the most colorful figures in rock 'n' roll, but when it comes to photography, Elton John embraces black and white.

Restored 'Last Supper' Renaissance Painting to be Unveiled

By Carlo Piovano | Nov 8
A 16th-century painting by Renaissance artist Giorgio Vasari that was badly damaged in a 1966 flood in Florence will be unveiled to the public on Friday after years of painstaking restoration.

San Francisco, CA

Bruce Conner's Walk on the Dark Side

By Sura Wood | Nov 6
"Bruce Conner: It's All True," is the first, and certainly most multi-faceted, comprehensive survey of the prodigious 60-year output of this Bay Area iconoclast.

San Francisco, CA

Scenes from a Legendary Epic

By Sura Wood | Oct 30
According to some scholars, the "Ramayana" is the greatest story never told in the West. A crash course in the legend can now be had courtesy of the Asian Art Museum's newest exhibition.

1 thru 10 of 458 Stories