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by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Feb 25, 2013

1944's "Laura" is the quintessential film noir, a perfect tour de force that has stood the test of time. It's a mystery/thriller that has influenced such varying works like "Twin Peaks" and even "Basic Instinct." The femme fatale role is played with pitch perfection by the luminous Gene Tierney.

The continuing allure of "Laura" is the performance of Tierney in the title role, a debutante, who at the beginning of the film has been shot and murdered. There are two prime suspects: her former lover Waldo (an obviously gay Clifton Webb) and Shelby (Vincent Price), the man who proposed to her.

Piecing the puzzle together is detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews), who without having ever met the infamous Laura, is drawn to her and falls in love with her. Giving away any more of the plot would be a sin, as the film throws the audience a few twists, yet the revelation of the murderer is hardly a surprise.

Unlike the previously released DVD version, the Blu-ray of "Laura" is filled with many special features, some of them having aired on the A&E Network.

"Gene Tierney: A Shattered Portrait" is a 45-minute look back at the life of a fallen star. Tierney's rise to fame is shattered by her bouts with mental illness...the documentary is heartbreaking at times.

"Vincent Price: The Versatile Villain" looks at how Price became a dramatic actor, long before his horror icon roles.

A deleted scene, seen in the extended version of "Laura," and two audio commentaries complement the Blu-ray nicely.


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