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Review :: Child's Play

By Ken Tasho | Oct 18
Chucky the killer doll is back, this time in glorious high-definition.

Review :: Central Intelligence

By Greg Vellante | Oct 17
One of the year's standout comedies comes home, delivering the laughs and a fair share of bonus content.

Review :: Slugs

By Ken Tasho | Oct 17
Another cult classic "nature gone berserk" film comes out of the archived vaults ripe in time for Halloween horror movie season.

Review :: The Legend of Tarzan

By Michael Cox | Oct 17
In this retelling of the Tarzan legend, the Lord of the Jungle must return to his uncivilized roots to save the woman he loves from exploitative colonists and slave traders.

Review :: Christine

By Roger Walker-Dack | Oct 14
This fictionalized version of the woman behind an actual on-air suicide boasts a career-best performance and top-flight script.

Review :: The Accountant

By Roger Walker-Dack | Oct 14
His autism makes him an obsessively detailed numbers man, but it's his schizophrenia that makes him a ruthless gung-ho gun-toting killer.

Review :: Miss Hokusai

By Greg Vellante | Oct 14
Deserving of the biggest screen possible for an all-encompassing viewing experience, "Miss Hokusai" is an offbeat visual delight.

Review :: Sky Ladder: The Art Of Cai Guo-Qiang

By Louise Adams | Oct 14
Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald chronicles the creation of a real life, illuminated stairway to heaven in the stylish 75-minute documentary.

Review :: Mascots

By Roger Walker-Dack | Oct 13
With his newest film, Christopher Guest's sardonic humor is aimed squarely at the rather bizarre culture of furry sports mascots.

Review :: Kevin Hart: What Now?

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 12
From domestic exasperations to adventures with sex toys and feverish encounters at Starbucks, Hart knows the value of building to a comic crescendo, and he sequences his laughs accordingly.

10 thru 19 of 6969 Stories