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Review :: Alice Through The Looking Glass

By Kevin Taft | May 27
A curioser and curioser mix of color and noise, Alice's latest adventure is fitfully entertaining, but ultimately unnecessary.

Review :: X-Men: Apocalypse

By Kilian Melloy | May 27
The latest X-Men movie feels like a trip to the B-grade comic book back issues bin.

Review :: The Ones Below

By Kevin Taft | May 27
"The Ones Below" is a nifty little thriller that reminds us that suspenseful movies don't have to rely on over-the-top theatrics to provide the nail-biting moments we love.

Review :: Presenting Princess Shaw

By Noe Kamelamela | May 27
Due to the magic of the internet, two strangers, Princess Shaw and Kutiman, are able to create beautiful music and share it with the world.

Review :: Holy Hell

By Louise Adams | May 27
This thoughtful documentary shows how slowly and methodically good intentions can become perverted when demagoguery goes unchecked.

Review :: Chevalier

By Roger Walker-Dack | May 27
Six male acquaintances cruising the Aegean Sea in a luxury yacht decide to settle a round of boasting. May the best man win...

Review :: Where to Invade Next

By Louise Adams | May 26
Guerrilla documentarian Michael Moore takes an American flag and American ideas around Scandinavia, the continent, and North Africa in a more subdued, still funny and yet revelatory quest on how to become a better United States.

Review :: Manhunter

By Ken Tasho | May 25
The iconic character of Hannibal Lector didn't make his movie debut in "Silence of the Lambs" like some people think. That distinction belongs to this 1986 underrated film.

Review :: Zapped!

By Ken Tasho | May 24
What's more enjoyable than a harmless, dated 1982 comedy?

Review :: Bad Influence

By Ken Tasho | May 24
Those two 80s studs Rob Lowe and James Spader starred in a 1990 potboiler that should get reexamined.

10 thru 19 of 6635 Stories