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Gilead Awards $22M in Grants to Support HIV Cure Research

By EDGE | Jan 13
Gilead Sciences, Inc. announced the recipients of its HIV cure grants program, a fund totaling more than $22 million, which will support 12 new HIV cure research projects.

New 'PrEP Calculator' Could Help ID Those At High Risk for HIV

By EDGE | Jan 11
A new study from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health suggests modifying federal health guidelines related to the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV transmission because current standards could miss some people who should be on it.

New DNA Test Analyzes Individual's Genetics for Best Diet and Exercise Plan

By EDGE | Jan 10
Every New Year, countless Americans make resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, and lose weight as soon as the clock strikes midnight. Could success lie in their own genes?

Merck Campaign Challenges African Stigma of Female Infertility

By EDGE | Jan 10
Merck More than a Mother continues its commitment to break stigma around infertility and empower infertile women by improving access to information, education, healthcare and change of culture and mind-set to de-stigmatize infertility.

GOP Anxiety is Mounting Over Health Care Repeal Initiative

By Alan Fram | Jan 10
Republican anxiety is mounting over voting to unravel the health care law without having an alternative in hand, fanned by words of encouragement from Donald Trump to a GOP senator who wants to simultaneously repeal and replace the statute.

SF Hosts 2,000 Entrepreneurs for StartUp Health Festival

By EDGE | Jan 9
The StartUp Health Festival comes to San Francisco on January 9-10, with the goal of making 100 years of global healthcare progress in just 25 years.

How Do You Get Your Post-Festive Brain Back Into Gear?

By EDGE | Jan 9
As the nation asks itself how it is going to rev up its brain again to be ready for the challenges the New Year may bring, the answer may be brain-teasing puzzles like Sudoku, word searches, and Mah Jong.

LA LGBT Center Promotes PrEP Via 'F*ck W/Out Fear' Campaign

By EDGE | Jan 9
F*ck w/out Fear is the message of a new campaign by the Los Angeles LGBT Center, launched to raise awareness for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a safe and effective tool to prevent HIV infection.

Does Legal Marijuana Impact the Way Teens View Pot Risks?

Jan 8
Teenagers' attitudes about marijuana are changing at the same time that more states are making the drug legal.

'Telomere Effect': How Exercise, Diet and Sleep Affect Aging

Jan 8
A new book explains the science of aging. "The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer" claims that putting research findings into everyday practice "can help reduce chronic disease and improve wellbeing."

11 thru 20 of 6426 Stories