London Police on Lookout for Thief Targeting Gay Men

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Nov 25, 2013

London police are warning LGBTs to watch out for a suspect that the authorities say is connected to a string of thefts from gay men, Gay Star News reports.

Police from London's east borough of Hackney are currently searching for Michael Lawrence, 30, who is allegedly befriending gay men and stealing from them. According to authorities, once Lawrence gains trust he is able to access the victims' homes and then steal their possessions, like laptops, credit cards and money.

Police describe Lawrence as a black male, 6-feet tall and of muscular build and are warning people if they spot him, not to approach Lawrence but to call the police immediately.

Gay Star News reports Lawrence often uses different identities and is known to frequent Hackney and other parts of London, including Camden, Southwark and Tower Hamlets.


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