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Milk Plaza Redesign Gets $500K

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jan 15
Backed by a $500,000 donation from a gay California man and an upcoming international design competition, plans are being set for a multimillion-dollar redesign of San Francisco's Harvey Milk Plaza.

2016 Year in Review - Retrospective: The Fight for Rights Continues

By Jeff Taylor | Jan 8
The transgender and gender nonconforming community has gained visibility in recent years and that trend continued into 2016.

Out Majority, for Now, to Oversee City College

By Matthew S. Bajko | Jan 8
With their swearing-in Wednesday afternoon, a quartet of out trustees now holds a majority on the board overseeing City College of San Francisco.

Health Trust Ousts Gay CEO

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jan 7
The gay longtime CEO of a Silicon Valley nonprofit that provides support to people living with HIV/AIDS, homeless people, children, and others says he's left the organization after its board told him it wants a new leader.

Catalyst for Change

By Race Bannon | Dec 25
Building and maintaining community is the foundation upon which any vibrant subculture rests. Doing so is difficult if that subculture is hard pressed to find places in which to meet.

Ghost Ship Attorneys Deflect Blame

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Dec 25
The attorneys for the master tenant of Oakland's Ghost Ship warehouse are seeking to deflect blame for the fire there that killed 36 people by lashing out at local officials.

Lee Names LA Cop As New SF Police Chief

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Dec 25
Mayor Ed Lee has appointed Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief William "Bill" Scott to take over the San Francisco Police Department as it struggles with issues involving racism, homophobia, use of force, and other problems.

SF Pot Task Force Issues Recommendations

By Sari Staver | Dec 24
San Francisco's Cannabis State Legalization Task Force has approved 80 recommendations on how the city should implement Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

Joseph Leaves Entertainment Commission

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Dec 24
Longtime nightlife figure Audrey Joseph has stepped down from the San Francisco Entertainment Commission, the oversight body for the permitting of bars and nightclubs and other issues.

North Carolina Lawmakers Meeting to Consider Anti-LGBT Law's Repeal

By Gary D. Robertson and Jonathan Drew | Dec 21
North Carolina's legislature is reconvening to see if enough lawmakers are willing to repeal a 9-month-old law that limited LGBT rights, including which bathrooms transgender people can use in public schools and government buildings.

1 thru 10 of 1523 Stories