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Castro Cafe Owner Claims Assault, Faults Cops

By Sari Staver | Sep 24
Cafe Flore owner Stu Gerry is outraged that San Francisco police immediately released a Castro man who had allegedly assaulted two long-term employees.

Two State Props Address Death Penalty

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Sep 17
California voters will get two chances in November to take a serious look at the state's death penalty. One measure that will be on the ballot, Proposition 62, would abolish it, while another, Proposition 66, would reform it.

HB2 Does Not Absolve Employers of LGBT Discrimination Liability

By Kerry Everett | Sep 17
Many assume that under HB 2, NC employers can treat LGBT workers in a discriminatory manner. However, in many cases, LGBT employees in North Carolina are protected from discrimination under federal law.

Oakland Pride Still Has No Funds for Center

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Sep 11
Organizers of the Oakland LGBTQ Pride parade and festival are set to hold their annual celebration and parade, but after years of throwing the party, they have little to show toward their original goal of building a fund for an LGBTQ community center.

Growing Grapes: Saving Lives in Cleveland's Tough East Side

By John Seewer | Sep 6
The man who planted the vineyard says his plan for the lot once occupied by a crack house goes far beyond bottling wine.

The Rise of the Castro and Upper Market as a Dining Destination

By Sean Timberlake | Aug 28
In a city obsessed with food, the Castro has long stood a dining desert.

Prop 61 Targets Drug Prices

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Aug 27
A ballot measure set to go before California voters in November is designed to reduce the price the state pays for drugs.

New Elevator, Upgrades Coming to Milk Plaza

By Matthew S. Bajko | Aug 21
With transit officials set to add a second elevator at the Muni station in the Castro, they are also floating ideas to remodel the public plaza that surrounds it.

Groups Press Walgreens on Religious Exemptions in clinics

Aug 19
Four groups led by the American Civil Liberties Union are asking Walgreens for reassurance that its partnership with a Catholic health care system to run in-store clinics in the St. Louis area won't limit women's access to birth control.

Safety Changes Eyed for Upper Market Street

By Rick Gerharter | Aug 13
As city officials push forward with their Vision Zero plan to end pedestrian and bicyclist deaths, a host of safety upgrades and traffic changes are being eyed for the upper Market Street corridor.

1 thru 10 of 1487 Stories