The Glamazons...Are Among Us!

by JC Alvarez
Thursday Oct 25, 2012

Their national debut on the hit competition show "America's Got Talent" had all but guaranteed them their celebrity, but since arriving on the music scene the girl group the Glamazons have faced an unparalleled set of challenges on their path to superstardom. With a growing fan base the Glamazons were breaking all preconceived notions of what pop stars should look and sound like.

The gorgeously glamorous group has unabashedly displayed their incredible performance expertise, as well as every one of their bodacious curves. Now the Glamazons are ready to move into the next phase of their careers, and it involves the search for the next girl to join the group. Every Sunday until they crown a winner, a series of hopefuls will compete for the coveted position as the next Glamazon.

Veteran Glamazon band mates Meryl "Ladyfinger" Sherwood and Laura "Caramella" Johnson are looking not only for a girl with a little extra talent, they also want a girl with a little extra extra!

"We're having a contest to find the next Glamazon," announced Sherwood, who is taking on a more managerial position within the group. "We're looking for someone with talent - who can sing and dance," says Johnson. "You have to have a desire to work within the group," and especially, "be comfortable with your curves." The perfect candidate has to really love herself. Once on stage the new Glamazon's personality gets amplified.

Real Artist Have Curves

Within the New York City cabaret scene many new and aspiring stars have emerged. Every Sunday, at Barracuda in the heart of Chelsea, the Glamazons invite their audience to participate in the search for their new band mate. The weekly event starts at 10pm and features surprise celebrity judges. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to be a Glamazon?

"In the beginning," explains "Ladyfinger" Sherwood, "everyone of the Glamazons had different names." Her band mate "Caramela" Johnson added, "Our personalities are extensions of who we are on stage." Once the second generation of Glamazons came in, the group’s individual code names reflected an edible delicacy. "I just thought that would be fun," Sherwood admits, and the gambit paid off, making the group accessibly engaging to their fans. "We’ve had candy apples, ladyfingers and ginger snaps!"

Johnson was among one of the original girls who competed on the reality show, and initially fought against the national exposure. "I didn’t think we’d get far, or imagined the audience we’d reach. I really enjoyed it," she said. Johnson didn’t feel the show worked to manipulate the success of the competitors, but certainly did feel the pressure of the public’s scrutiny over the plus-sized performers. "It really was about us against the world."

"We certainly got some gigs and notoriety from it," Sherwood added, "but I don’t think anybody realizes, if you don’t win the million dollars, you don’t win anything." It was a life-changing event for the group, who left their jobs to pursue their dreams of big-time super stardom. They did get a meeting with Simon Cowell who boasted they’d be the "next big thing" - no pun intended. The "X-Factor" judge didn’t deliver.

And with so much attention recently on established pop-stars who are embracing their womanly figures - both Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga have been criticized for having gained some weight - the Glamazons are fully aware of the impact they have as body-image role models.

These "real-sized" pop-goddesses are aware of how the business perceives image and beauty and are taking on that convention. "There still isn’t a plus-size girl group out there besides us," says Sherwood. "We need to be out there to show and prove that we can do this." Johnson recently bared all in an editorial campaign of "real-sized" women in the industry. "Some people loved us, and other people may hate us, but we’re showing you what a plus-woman looks like. Some people can’t handle it."

We’re more than ready to handle it, and in fact, are excited to find the group’s next star. Join the Glamazons on their search for a new member. Show begins at 10pm every Sunday at Barracuda located at 275 West 22nd Street, serving Happy Hour specials till 9pm.

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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