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At Gay Nightclub, Russian Election Draws Apathetic Response

At Gay Nightclub, Russian Election Draws Apathetic Response

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Mar 19
From the stage of a gay nightclub, a performer in drag reminded those in the crowd of their civic duty as Russians.

Curtain Calls for Queer Space?
San Francisco, CA

Curtain Calls for Queer Space?

By Juanita MORE! | Mar 4
Polk Gulch was the place to be. It was the place where the community first celebrated its holiest of high holidays, Halloween, and where parades, marches, and protests took place.

San Francisco, CA

Gangway for History

By Michael Flanagan | Dec 3
Along with its nautical theme, like a grounded pirate ship, the bar holds a treasure chest of historical tales.

Law Prohibiting Dancing in NYC Bars Set for Repeal Tuesday

Oct 31
A real life version of the film "Footloose" is about to take place in the most unlikely of places. On Tuesday, New York's City Council is set to repeal a law that banned dancing in most bars.

Crews Finish Rainbow Crosswalk Near Pulse Gay Club in Orlando

Oct 11
Crews have completed a rainbow-colored crosswalk near the Pulse gay nightclub in Florida where a gunman killed 49 people.

Paris Gay Club Denies Physically Removing 'Drag Race' Champ Violet Chachki

Oct 4
Officials from a Paris gay club are responding to accusations that "RuPaul's Drag Race" winner Violet Chachki was physically removed from club for "not being masc presenting enough."

Tennessee City Seeks to Ban Drag Shows

Sep 21
The city council of a tiny city in Tennessee is considering a law that many locals hope will sashay away.

San Francisco, CA

Codeword Closes - Is DNA Lounge to Follow?

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Aug 19
Codeword, the queer-friendly nightclub in San Francisco's South of Market district, has closed. Its sister club DNA Lounge, under the same ownership as Codeword, is struggling.

Where to Live Pride in Vegas, 365 Days a Year

By Jill Gleeson | Aug 4
Las Vegas doesn't wait until Pride rolls around to raise a glass to the LGBT community. Here's a look at what's hot all year long.

Missile-Shaped Time Capsule from Legendary 80s Nightclub Causes False Alarm in NYC

Jul 6
Thirty years after it closed, famed New York City nightclub Danceteria is still making a bang.

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