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Getting Naughty with Dottie Lux and La Chica Boom

by Jim Provenzano
Wednesday Dec 26, 2012

For advice on where to have a sexy good time, always ask a professional. Our cover models, Dottie Lux and La Chica Boom, have performed in bars, nightclubs and theatres throughout the Bay Area, and elsewhere. They both perform as part of the burlesque ensemble Red Hots Burlesque, and La Chica performs at clubs and theatres, most recently at CounterPulse.

As we perused the charming d├ęcor of the new Armory Club, Lux noted the classy ambiance with a kink-friendly edge that, she noted with a glance at the framed bondage art, is obviously a place that's welcoming for the average patron, but also cool enough where most wouldn't blink at the mention of ball-gags.

So, where can one enjoy a night out that's sexy but not sleazy, fun but not frumpy? Lux took pride in recommending her frequent performance venue, El Rio (3158 Mission St.

"I have the whole night to chow down on yummy meatballs at Emmy's Spaghetti shack or fried chicken at The Front Porch," said Lux. "Usually, after some sustenance (this girl likes to eat), I head back to El Rio because it really is my dive."

The Red Hots Burlesquers flutter their fans each Wednesday and Friday night, from 7:30pm- to 9pm. January 3, 2013 rings in their new event, Bacon, Babes and Bingo. They're also busy with private holiday parties through year's end.
La Chica Boom's faves also include El Rio for its diversity, and Aunt Charlie's Lounge (133 Turk St. at Taylor. 441-2922.

"It's a 'hole in the wall' gay-type bar, and the staff, patrons and queens are charming," she said. Another of La Chica's favorites is Club Deluxe on Haight "for the international audience and bartenders, and particularly their Little Minsky's Show."

You might find the performer in her offstage hours at favorite eateries Cha Cha Cha on Mission and Limon on Valencia. La Chica's upcoming shows include ConVerge, December 20 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Fix Your Hair at Rebel on January 11. (

Asked what creates a 'sexy' nightlife environment, La Chica said, "I love to attend clubs that have sectioned off areas for making out, comfortable chatting, and dancing."

Lux said, "It's all about lighting. You want to make sure you can see who you're talking to, but not see every single pore. Smell also has a lot to do with it. Nothing puts you in the mood like the odor of stale beer, right? But I have to say, I've had some of my favorite times dancing at stinky dive bars. I love the Bay Area. It's so fun to see burlesque become a household word, and to live in sex-positive San Francisco."

Lux also gave a shout-out to a pal's new queer night, Fedorable at El Rio, where LGBTs can swank it up with hatwear or other fashion statements, at the free weekly Friday dance party.

And if you want a little sassy shimmy, some burlesque or old-style magic for your event, the Red Hots do private parties as well.

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