"Extra" Talks Facial Restoration with Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

Friday Sep 7, 2012

Once considered taboo, celebrity plastic surgery is now openly discussed on national television. Celebrity gossip show "Extra", hosted by Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos, recently sat down with Beverly Hills cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond to discuss how to achieve a natural-looking, full-facial restoration.

Top celebrity plastic surgeon, Beverly Hills Dr. Jason Diamond recently sat down with celebrity gossip show "Extra", to discuss how to achieve a natural-looking, full-facial restoration. During the show, Dr. Diamond offered advice and explained that desired results can often be achieved by performing numerous non-surgical lift procedures as opposed to a full facelift. According to Dr. Diamond, it's a real balancing act between creating enough of a change to make an improvement and yet keep the patient from looking surgically enhanced.

Despite a sluggish U.S. economy, traditional plastic surgery procedures continue to grow. according to a report issued by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS),13.8 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in 2011, a 5% increase on the year before.

And while traditionally popular cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implants and nose jobs, remained the most popular, facelifts replaced tummy tucks for fifth place last year; the first time that procedure was among the top five since 2004. By far, the fastest growing procedure is chin implants, which rose 71% in 2011.

Traditional cosmetic surgery may never totally disappear; however, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are now topping the list as America's most popular plastic surgery procedures.

The recent ASPS report revealed that the total number of procedures performed nationwide in 2011 was nearly twice that recorded in 2000.

Among the most popular of these procedures were minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, such as Botox and other injectables. Over the past year, nearly 90% of all plastic surgeries performed in the United States fell into this category.

The recent ASPS report revealed that the total number of procedures performed nationwide in 2011 was nearly twice that recorded in 2000.

Depending on a patient's plastic surgery goals, minimally invasive procedures can be a cost-effective way to turn back the clock. While the average surgery generally costs several thousand dollars, the average minimally invasive procedure usually falls at several hundred.

For many patients, this can make the difference between undergoing a full procedure, like a facelift, and simply choosing to opt for Botox injections for a fraction of the price.

A top facial plastic surgeon in his field, Dr. Jason Diamond, M.D., F.A.C.S. of The Diamond Face Institute has helped patients achieve more youthful, natural-looking appearances with a wide range of facial surgery procedures. Dr. Diamond has mastered an extensive variety of facial enhancement techniques to help patients achieve a younger, more refreshed look.

"My patients don't look done," says Dr. Diamond. "They just look great."

Perhaps it's that type of thinking that has resulted in Dr. Diamond becoming a nationally recognized cosmetic surgeon.

Well-known for his media appearances on E! Entertainment's "Dr. 90210", CBS NEWS "The Early Show", "Entertainment Tonight", Discovery Health and many other television shows, Dr. Diamond has quickly become one of the most sought after cosmetic plastic surgeons in the nation.

Before and after plastic surgery pictures can be seen on Dr. Diamond's website.

The "Extra" video can be viewed here on YouTube.


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