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Inferno Engulfs Businesses in Cherry Grove, Fire Island

By EDGE | Mar 27
A huge fire that sparked overnight has done extensive damage to the gay vacation destination of Cherry Grove on Fire Island. The Cherry Grove Beach Hotel and numerous homes are victims of the blaze.

Fire in the Meat Rack!: Fire Island Blaze Takes 17 Fire Departments to Contain

By Bobby McGuire | Aug 8
The wooded area between Fire Island gay communities in Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines, commonly known to locals as "the meat rack," was the site of a blaze that took 17 fire departments close to two hours to put out early Thursday evening.

NY Gay Resort Community Gains Historic Recognition

By Frank Eltman | Jul 3
Decades before the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, lesbians and gay men were living freely and openly in a place called Cherry Grove.

Cherry Grove Community House Added to Natl. Register of Historic Places

By EDGE | Jun 10
At the urging of US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D- NY), The Cherry Grove Community House on Fire Island has been added to the National of Historic Places.

Fire Island Frolics: A Magical Night in the Pines

By Michael K. Lavers | Aug 2
An intoxicating sunrise, a lucky hand and matrimonial illusions combined to create a magical night for this reporter at the Pines Party in Fire Island Pines over the weekend.

Fire Island Frolics: Eye Candy Amid a Calamity of Errors

By Michael K. Lavers | Jul 27
Some particularly sweet eye candy proved a bright spot during what can best be described as a calamitous weekend on Fire Island.

Fire Island Frolics: All About the Dance

By Michael K. Lavers | Jul 19
This Fire Island Dance Festival weekend on the beach certainly kept this reporter busy, but at the end of the day it was all about the dance.

Fire Island Frolics: Disaster Averted!

By Michael K. Lavers | Jul 12
A potential disaster in Cherry Grove was averted on Friday, July 8, when firefighters quickly extinguished a fire that had broken out in Xanadu’s guesthouse.

Fire Island Frolics: Oh Mary!

By Michael K. Lavers | Jul 6
Independence Day on Fire Island would not be complete without hundreds of drag queens invading Fire Island Pines in the annual Invasion.

Fire Island Frolics: Discount Shopping and Yet More Drag Queens

By Michael K. Lavers | Jun 21
This past weekend’s ambitious agenda included deeply discounted shopping, purchasing a third-hand Invasion dress and interviewing drag queens.

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