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Democrats Planning Multi-Year Strategy to Recapture Seats

POLITICS | By Ken Thomas and Lisa Lerer | Nov 18
Democrats need to map out a multi-year election strategy to maintain the White House, recapture seats in Congress and in state legislatures and rebuild their bench of candidates.

Challenges Clinton Will Face in First Democratic Debate

Democratic presidential candidates face off Tuesday night for their first debate.

Pelosi Meets With LGBT Leaders in SF

POLITICS | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Sep 13
Passing the federal Equality Act and ending murders of transgender women of color were two issues that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi heard about during a meeting with local LGBT leaders in San Francisco.

100 Kansas GOP Endorse Democrat for Governor

POLITICS | By John Hanna | Jul 16
Democratic challenger Paul Davis sought Tuesday to give his campaign for Kansas governor a bipartisan boost by announcing endorsements from more than 100 moderate Republicans who've split with conservative GOP Gov. Sam Brownback

Texas Dems Unveil Pro-LGBT Platform: Ban Conversion Therapy

POLITICS | By Bobby McGuire | Jul 2
The Texas Democratic Party is putting gay rights front and center this November at the ballot box with a platform that calls for a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors, marriage equality and employment non-discrimination.

In Switch, Gay Rights Issue Now Favoring Democrats

POLITICS | By Nicholas Riccardi | May 24
It wasn’t all that long ago that Republicans used gay marriage as a tool to drive Election Day turnout. But as public opinion on the issue has turned and courts strike down same-sex marriage bans, gay rights is evolving into a wedge issue for Democrats.

Half of Millennials More Likely to Lean Democratic

POLITICS | By Jesse J. Holland | Mar 7
Young adults like to think of themselves as independent, but when it comes to politics, they’re more likely than not to lean to the left.

After Primary Victory, Texas’ Davis Faces Big Odds

POLITICS | By Paul J Weber | Mar 6
After her easy victory in the Texas Democratic primary, Wendy Davis, one of the brightest stars of the 2014 campaign, is now embarking on her mission to win the governor’s office and revive her party’s fortunes in the heart of conservative America.

Kentucky’s Top Democrats Divided By Marriage Equality

NATIONAL | By Brett Barrouquere | Mar 5
Two of Kentucky’s top Democrats split sharply Tuesday over same-sex marriage, with Gov. Beshear saying outside lawyers will be hired to appeal a decision granting recognition to gay couples married in other states

NY Dem Rep. Maloney to Marry Long-Time Partner

POLITICS | By Henry C. Jackson | Jan 14
Freshman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney plans to marry his long-time partner, who proposed over Christmas.

1 thru 10 of 66 Stories