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'Weekend Warriors' Still See Health Payoff

Jan 15
A new study finds people who squeeze all their recommended exercise into weekends see major health benefits.

Shoulders Like Boulders

By Tom Bonanti | Jan 15
Strong, well developed deltoids will give your upper body that extra flair -- plus, the stronger these muscle are, the more your deep rotator cuff muscles will be protected from injury.

A Fitter, Healthier 2017: Just Do It!

By Tom Bonanti | Jan 8
This time of the calendar year every publication does it -- they post a list of New Year's resolutions that should be implemented into your life. Well, here are mine, from a fitness trainer's point of view.

Absolutely Awesome Abdominals and How to Get Them!

By Tom Bonanti | Jan 8
No doubt, a wash-board midsection is the crowning achievement of any physique. In addition to looking sleek and sexy, a lean, toned middle is good for maintaining a healthy, pain-free lower back.

Sticking to It in the Face of Everything

By Blake Beckcom | Dec 18
Sticking to anything can be challenging. We know what we need to do, we know what we ought to do, but with the over-crowded, year-end work pressures and holiday "must attend" events, your best intentions can go awry.

Don't Expect Fitbits to Improve Health, Help Drop Pounds

By Maria Cheng | Oct 9
Wearing a fitness tracker may help you keep tabs on how many steps you take, but the devices themselves - even with the lure of a cash reward - probably won't improve your health

Fitbit Motivational Feature to Take Users on Virtual Hikes

By Anick Jasdanun | Aug 31
Fitbit wants to help you exercise more by making you think you're hiking famous trails instead of your neighborhood.

Staying the Fitness Course

By Blake Beckcom | Aug 20
Face it, not all workouts are the same. The point in the end, is that you walk away feeling better about you, due to the "At least I did not bail" factor.

Six Healthy Foods That Satisfy Every Urge!

By Troy Maillis | Jul 24
Regardless of one's motivation, getting in great shape is always a good idea and can only improve one's quality of life-especially in the bedroom. A healthy diet is key.

How to Choose A Fitness Tracker When They all Sound the Same

By Anick Jesdanun | Jul 24
Most fitness trackers can measure a lot: steps taken, heart beats, sleep quality and workout performance. That's a lot of data, but are they useful?

1 thru 10 of 107 Stories