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How Sanders' Campaign Compares to Clinton's in 2008

Bernie Sanders insists he will stay in the 2016 race in spite of the odds against him.

Why Did the #neverTrump Movement Fail?

Donald Trump swept all five states that voted in Tuesday's primaries.

Donald Trump Pens Scathing Op-Ed

Donald Trump "asked America a question" in an op-ed he penned, slamming the election and delegate process from what he says he's experienced during his presidential campaign.

Forget the 'Suffering Olympics' - We're In This Together

POLITICS | By Jeff Taylor | Apr 17
We are all potential victims of discrimination. We all need to band together more than ever.

Clinton and Sanders Clash in Feisty NYC Debate

New York's primary on Tuesday is crucial to both candidates.

Sanders Lags in Delegates but Leads in Likability

POLITICS | By Catherine Lucey and Emily Swanson | Apr 12
Bernie Sanders is still behind when it comes to delegates and votes, but he has one clear advantage over his Democratic and Republican presidential rivals - a lot of people actually like him.

Garland A Court Moderate Who Would Frustrate Both Sides

POLITICS | By Jeff Donn, Curt Anderson, Holbrook Mohr, and Mitch Weiss | Apr 12
An Associated Press review of Garland's record on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit suggests he is a judge who only rarely has found himself at odds with the government agencies that appear before him.

Trump Aide Compares Ted Cruz's Campaign to Gestapo

Donald Trump's campaign has attacked the GOP delegate system and the "crooked" way the candidates can earn delegates.

With New York on Their Minds, Democrats Trade Fresh Attacks

POLITICS | By Lisa Lerer and Kathleen Ronayne | Apr 11
Campaigning in the New York City borough of Queens, Clinton assailed Sanders for his mixed record on immigration reforms and said he's struggled to detail his positions on foreign policy and financial regulation.

GOP Delegate System Likely to Result in Convention Battle

In order to clinch the Republican Party's nomination, Donald Trump will need to secure 1,237 national delegates.

1 thru 10 of 206 Stories