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Scott Pelley on "60 Minutes" Interview with Paul Ryan

The congressman and president-elect Donald Trump were often at odds during the campaign, but the speaker says they've moved on from their public attacks and talk on the phone nearly every day.

Lawsuits Seek to Block or Halt Wisconsin, Michigan Recounts

LEGAL | By David Eggert and Scott Bauer | Dec 4
Supporters of Republican Donald Trump filed a federal lawsuit trying to halt Wisconsin's ongoing presidential recount, and Michigan's attorney general on Friday sued to stop a recount from happening in his state.

Tempers Flare As Campaign Aides Assess Still-Raw 2016 Race

LEGAL | By Lisa Lerer | Dec 4
Tempers flared and political fault-lines were inflamed, as aides to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gathered for their first meeting since Election Day.

Some Voters, Stung by Election Result, Stirred to New Action

LEGAL | By Matt Sedensky | Dec 2
Three weeks out from a presidential election result that left them deeply dejected, many liberals now say they've been roused to action in new ways, from making donations and volunteering to considering political runs themselves.

Jill Stein Presidential Recount Effort Prompts Money Gusher

FINANCE | By Julie Bykowicz | Nov 29
Jill Stein is on track to raise twice as much for an election recount effort than she did for her own failed Green Party presidential bid.

Cuba's Future After Castro's Death

Crowds are gathering in Havana's Revolution Square for the beginning of a two-day memorial for Fidel Castro.

Fight Over Possible Romney Pick

Mark Leibovich, New York Times Magazine's chief national correspondent and a CBS News political contributor, on why President-elect Donald Trump's inner circle is publicly fighting over Mitt Romney as potential pick for secretary of state.

Rand Paul on Trump, Prospective Cabinet Picks

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, discusses President-elect Donald Trump, his possible Cabinet picks, and whether the U.S. should reinstate waterboarding.

As Trump Prepares for White House, Never Trumpers Say Maybe

LEGAL | By Lisa Lerer | Nov 23
Dozens of Republican foreign policy experts, business leaders and elected officials came out against Trump during the presidential race. Now, they're facing a difficult choice: Get on the Trump train or watch it leave from the station.

U.S. Jews Grapple with Election-Year Eruption of Anti-Semitism

LEGAL | By Rachel Zoll | Nov 22
American Jews gathered Thursday to wrestle with how they should confront an election-year surge in anti-Semitism, a level of bias not seen in the U.S. for decades.

1 thru 10 of 398 Stories