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Spanish Doctors Believe They've Found a Cure for HIV

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 7
Doctors in Barcelona, Spain believe that they have found a possible cure for HIV via a blood transfer from a donor with a genetic mutation, but researchers warn that it's going to be a long time coming.

amfAR HIV Cure Summit: Recording and Eliminating Viral Reservoirs

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 1
Timothy Henrich, MD, of Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital and Steven Deeks, MD, of University of California, San Francisco, shared their research on recording how much HIV virus hidden "viral reservoirs" contain.

Ask the Doc: Gov. Cuomo Endorses PrEP for HIV Prevention

By Howard L. Scheiner, MD/AAHIVS | Jul 15
The latest news on HIV comes alive in this week's installment of our popular Ask the Doc column.

New amfAR Grants Fund Search for the Cure

By EDGE | Jul 14
amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, has dedicated $2.4M in research grants to fund the search for an end to HIV/AIDS.

Ask the Doc: A Cure for HIV?

By Demetre Daskalakis | Mar 25
Five years ago, experts would have scoffed at the idea of a cure for HIV. Today, it may be closer than ever.

amfAR Launches "Countdown to a Cure"

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 10
At amfAR’s New York Gala on Feb. 5, the Foundation for AIDS Research kicked off "Countdown to a Cure for HIV/AIDS," a research initiative aimed at finding a broadly applicable cure for HIV by 2020, with a goal of investing $100 million in a cure.

HIV Back in "Cured" Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 13
Two patients who were presumably cured of HIV and cancer after bone-marrow transplants discovered that their HIV recently returned.

Philly Group Launches First Annual AIDS Cure Day

By Winnie McCroy | Oct 2
Philly’s AIDS Policy Project is focusing on positive thinking, by launching the first-ever AIDS Cure Day, on Oct. 5. They’re asking individuals and groups across the country to imagine a world without AIDS.

Two More Cured of HIV From Stem-Cell Transplants

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 12
On the heels of the Berlin patient, amfAR announces that two more HIV-positive patients have been seemingly cured of HIV after undergoing stem-cell transplants.

Timothy Ray Brown, Cured of HIV, Works to Help Others

By Shaun Knittel | Jun 21
The "Berlin Patient," Timothy Ray Brown, spoke at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center about being cured of HIV, and helping other PLWHAs.

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