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On the Tab :: May 5 - 12

May 5
Great concerts in rock, cabaret, and Latin grooves should please the most diverse tastes, as well as low-down sleazy and sexy events, which we enjoy, but you may not, because there's no accounting for taste!

On the Tab :: April 28 - May 5

Apr 28
May we have fun? Oh yes, we may. The new month's here. It's time to play!

On the Tab :: April 21 - 28

Apr 21
Are we having fun yet? Oh, yes. Campy live shows, groovy grooves, classy musical acts, sexy gogo studs, sumptuous food and drink events, and plain old bar bemusements await.

Out There :: The Full Puppini Treatment

By Roberto Friedman | Apr 16
It was no surprise to any of their fans, Out There very much included, that the Puppini Sisters sold out their Bay Area Cabaret show this coming Sunday (April 17, 5:30 p.m.) at the Venetian Room of the Fairmont San Francisco.

On the Tab :: April 14 - 21

Apr 14
Disco dancing, drag delights, beers a bustin', bros and Blues, gals and garage bands. Get out.

On the Tab :: April 7 - 14

Apr 7
Along with all this week's Bestie winners being profiled, our regular array of equally fun events should amuse. But do come by Oasis Thursday April 7 for a drink, some entertainment, and a chance to win prizes. Oh, and, there will be cake.

On the Tab :: March 31 - April 7

Mar 31
We've got plenty of fun nightlife including events on Friday, April 1; no foolin'!

San Francisco Giving Up On the Pink Party?

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Mar 27
There will be no Pink Party in the city's gay Castro district the Saturday before the annual LGBT Pride parade this June, marking the first time in more than 20 years the event hasn't taken place in some incarnation.

On the Tab :: March 24 - 31

Mar 24
March came in and it's going out. Have you lived it up, lived it out, lived? We want to live, and enjoy life with you. So many bands are performing this week, it's a feast of acoustic, rock, punk and queercore fun.

Señor Frog's Drag Brunch Hits NYC, Miami and Las Vegas

Mar 21
Hot on the heels of producing "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 8 press and premiere tour, the man behind Voss Events and "ultimate Drag Race party planner" Brandon Voss is psyched to announce his company's partnership with Señor Frog's.

1 thru 10 of 367 Stories