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The Party Shifts to ’Overdrive!’

by Brad Hart
Wednesday Nov 13, 2013

International DJ/Producer Tristan Jaxx, the promoter of San Francisco's popular monthly circuit party, Chaos, along with Flak Productions, invite you to rev up your engines on Saturday, November 16 at San Diego's hot new quarterly afterhours circuit experience at Spin Nightclub.

Overdrive will feature international circuit-class DJ talent, sexy go-go dancers, 70,000 watts of thunderous sound with custom kinetic lighting and lasers.
Jaxx will open the night with a high-energy set designed to get the crowd prepared to dance until 4 a.m.

How will Overdrive differ from other dance party events in San Diego?

The main difference will be that the focus will be primarily on the music. I literally spend hours every day researching current trends in clubbing and music and feel confident that I have my finger squarely on the pulse of what is fresh, exciting and high energy. I'm very excited to bring some of the best DJ talent in the world here to San Diego. We'll also be ensuring that the club lighting is what those in the gay circuit are accustomed to.

Also, I feel that Hillcrest has done an excellent job at keeping the 21-30 crowd in San Diego satisfied. We are targeting a slightly more mature group, guys who are 25-50 or so, and specifically those who like house, tribal and/or progressive music. We heard from many locals that they wish there was an event in San Diego for a more mature crowd that featured circuit music.

Is it true that DJ Joe Gauthreaux will be headlining the premiere of Overdrive?

Yes, I feel Joe's style is a nice blend of classic circuit sounds mixed with a modern edge. He continues to keep his style current with fresh trends in the club scene while introducing his fans to new tracks as well, often producing his own versions. Joe was also a regular DJ at the former Club Montage and he remains a favorite DJ among San Diegans so he's sure to satisfy.

Tell us about your history in the music industry and why you became a DJ.

I started DJ Tristan Jaxx Productions shortly after I started my own DJ career in 2011. While looking for gigs, I met with a group of men who had opened a new club, BeatBox. They had the same determination and focus as I did on bringing the journey back to the San Francisco club scene. After hearing only a few of my early sets, they gave me the support and space to create and promote a monthly circuit party. Since then, I have worked with business partners to produce several after-hours events, including the S.F. Pride closing party and the Folsom closing party.

I consider myself "the people's DJ," having been a consumer of the circuit and club scene myself for most of my life. From a young age, I would hear a popular song and in my head I would translate or mashup the sound with a different beat or track. I have consistently asked for feedback from club patrons on what they like and don't like in an event, and I have used that information to produce events that satisfy. Nothing makes me happier than seeing smiling faces on the dance floor.

What's the future hold for DJ Tristan Jaxx?

I will continue to work on advancing my DJ career and ultimately hope to regularly spin in the gay festival circuit. I am currently educating myself around music production and hope to have my first solo remix out next year. I also have a lot more in the works for DJ Tristan Jaxx Productions so stay tuned. I aim to bring regular circuitstyle events back to San Diego and I'm hopeful everyone will be intrigued enough to come take a journey through great music with us.

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