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Millennial Sex Survey Results Revealed

Millennial Sex Survey Results Revealed

Apr 24
SKYN Condoms unveils today a new survey designed to analyze the behaviors, attitudes and preferences of sexually active millennials.

San Francisco, CA

New Ms. San Francisco Leather Chosen

By Race Bannon | Jan 21
One of the biggest events of the year for local leather women is the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest, held on Saturday, January 13, 2018, at SOMArts Cultural Center.

San Francisco, CA

Leather :: Another Year, and Looking Ahead

By Race Bannon | Jan 7
Like many of us often say to ourselves around this time of year, 2017 went by quickly. Despite the national political churn and angst so many of us are experiencing, it still whizzed by, at least for me.

Sex Toy Study Shows America's Kinkiest Zip Codes

Dec 6
Healthy and Active online adult retailer ships out over a million dildos, Ben Wa balls, lube, wands, handcuffs, sex dolls and other toys -- and just revealed the zip codes where they ship most often.

San Francisco, CA

Accessing Kink :: Making Leather Space for All

By Race Bannon | Nov 26
Over the years, I've become aware of the difficulties some kinksters with disabilities deal with while trying to fully participate in our scene.

Intersexualities :: We're Not One Community, and That's Okay

By Race Bannon | Nov 12
When some of you read the title of this column you got a little pissed off. Inside of you might be a voice wanting to scream "Yes, we are one community, damn it!" But hear me out.

Golly G-String! The Boylesque Festival Is Back!

Oct 25
On the weekend of November 3rd and 4th, Jen Gapay of ThirstyGirl Productions and Daniel Nardicio will present the latest edition of the popular annual strip-a-rama popularly known as "The Testicle Festival."

Cannabis Rectal Suppositories are Recognized as a Posh Alternative to 'Poppers'

Oct 10
The groundbreaking cannabis sexual health company FORIA is releasing FORIA Explore, the first commercially available marijuana suppository specifically formulated for deeper pleasure during anal play.

End of Summer Gets Wet & Wavey With 'Lube for Life' Giveaway

Sep 28
Trigg Laboratories, the makers of Wet® Lubricants, are giving away a generous supply of Wet®Platinum® lubricant, in a special contest with Davey Wavey.

San Francisco, CA

Webinar Series on Gay Male Dating, Sex, and Relationships

Sep 25
Frustrated and confused by the gay male dating and sex scene? The Gay Therapy Center is offering a live webinar series entitled, "Love and Sex for Gay Men."

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