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Roaring Twenties Fashion is Roaring Again

Monday Nov 12, 2012

It was a time of liberation, decadence and just plain revelry. Jazz dancing, fast cars, and heated conversation about Freud and sex, all meshed together and fueled with gin. At the heart of the Roaring 20s was the fashion. Women abandoned the corset in favor of a looser, more boyish silhouette that some found shocking. Skirts got shorter, spirits got higher. "Free-wheeling" for men meant knickers and brogues or donning a jaunty newsboy cap. At the other extreme was the dashing Gatsby in evening attire - oh so dapper!

Now, with the popularity of HBO's Boardwalk Empire and the soon-to-be-released remake of Scott Fitzgerald's beloved classic, The Great Gatsby", everyone wants a piece of Roaring 20s cool. Where to find it? At the upcoming Pier Show's Fashion Alley, Nov. 7 & 18 on Pier 94. Head here to satisfy your inner flapper and get your "Gatsby" on.

At Fashion Alley you will find the originals of the short beaded dresses, slinky satin chemises and luxurious oversized coats that created a sensation at the unveiling of the 2012 Spring collections last month. Twenties fashion was the talk of Paris, with fashion observers stating that we haven't seen so much knock-your-socks off glamour in years.

Picture yourself arriving at a cocktail party in a bugle beaded and sequined dress from one of Fashion Alley's 50 vintage specialists, escorted by your favorite man-of-the-hour decked out in white tie and tails. You'll have hours of fun shopping for all of the elements of the look, which you can subtly work into your own wardrobe in modern ways.

Fashion Alley will have drop waist dresses - both beaded and fringed-along with romantic satin gowns, fur wraps; plus knickers, vests and tuxes for him. Bejeweled accessories complete the look -- veiled evening cloches a la film noire, rhinestone- studded headpieces and barrettes; art deco inspired jewelry, beautiful long pearl strands, T-strap evening pumps and more. Get ready for Gatsby-inspired romance and glitter!

Now, with the popularity of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and the soon-to-be-released remake of Scott Fitzgerald’s beloved classic, The Great Gatsby", everyone wants a piece of Roaring 20s cool.

"It's a dress-up mood, but not a costume," notes Lisa D'Angelo of Lisa Victoria vintage, a Fashion Alley participant who contributed fashion to both Boardwalk Empire and the Gatsby remake. " This is fashion you can wear right out the door to the office or your next cocktail party.

And, adds D'Angelo, "people are ready for it." "After a recession, we need some glamour and glitz." Vintage specialist, Katy Kane concurs. "It was definitely a glamorous age with everyone kicking up their heels and having a good time. The fashion reflected this new, freer spirit, with silhouettes such as the drop-waist dress that were less constrained and flattering to women."

Show goers will find all of the romance and dazzle of the era at Fashion Alley, where stylish originals come without the hefty price-tag of today's designer-inspired 20s fashions. Want to save even more? According to D'Angelo, 60s fashion echoed 20s trends (think A-line dresses, mini skirts, glitter belts, headbands and hot pants, which were so like those filmy, flirty 20s shorts), and can actually be somewhat less in price. It's a great way to pull together a 20s look without breaking the bank.

Need more advice? Just ask Valerie and Jean, known as the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, two women who live to dress and dress to live. They will be on hand at Fashion Alley, from 12-4pm each day, for a special event called, "Fashion Advice...Five Cents." For just a nickel, they can tell you not only how to Get Your Gatsby On," but give you timely tips on how to personalize your own fashion look. They will also be autographing copies of their own fashion tome, "Life Dressing."

Pier Show hours are: 10-6pm Sat. and Sun. Admission is $15. Pier 94 is located at 55th Street and Twelfth Ave in Manhattan.

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