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Watch: Ala. Republican Won't Apologize for 'Freaking Queers' Facebook Comment

Wednesday Jun 19, 2019
Mobile County, Alabama's treasurer Phil Benson.
Mobile County, Alabama's treasurer Phil Benson.  (Source:YouTube still via Fox 10)

The Republican treasurer for Mobile County, Alabama is coming under fire for a now-deleted Facebook comment in which he said "freaking queers have gotten too much sympathy" — a remark he's refusing to apologize over.

Fox 10 reports Phil Benson responded to a post on the Mobile County Republican Facebook page, which linked to an article from the National Review about Colorado baker and shop owner Jack Phillips and a lawsuit against him for refusing to bake a cake for a trans woman.

Though the page's administrator deleted Benson's comment, it seems like he has no regrets making the remark. He told Fox 10 he's surprised more people are upset with him for using the words "freaking queers" than with Phillips being hit with a $135,000 fine.

"You remember the case where the poor baker who refused to bake a cake for this homosexual wedding, homosexualism, and he was fined $135,000, and that's what I was referring to: government overreach into private business to that degree. That's asinine," he told the news station. "Now, two words, 'freaking queer,' caused more of a stir than that poor guy getting fined $135,000 for not wanting to bake a cake. To me, that's far worse than verbiage that I used in the '60s when I was growing up: '50s and '60s, common verbiage."

When asked if he regrets his choice of words, Benson responded by saying, "No, I don't regret it at all. Why should I?"

He then went on to lash out against people who thought what he said was not politically correct.

"Not politically correct. I'm a little tired of that, too," he told Fox 10. "I'm sorry it's offensive. I'm sorry it offends you. Many things offend me every day. Government overreach from all the little minority groups offends me every day, okay?"

Benson said he's gotten support with people apparent lying saying they agree with him.

"Now I've gotten a couple of threats, you know. Some people just really had nothing better to do, you know, than to worry about that," he added.

Fox 10 reports that a post from the Mobile County Republican Party Facebook page responded to Benson's flap.

"We wish to be absolutely clear the comments made by a Mobile County elected official are his own and they do NOT in any way reflect the policies or beliefs of the Mobile County Republican Party nor any of its other members, therefore, we do not wish for his comments to be published further on our Facebook page," it reads. "He can express his comments in any way he wishes on his own page."

Watch Benson speak with Fox 10 below.

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