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Leprechaun Returns

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Dec 11, 2018
'Leprechaun Returns'
'Leprechaun Returns'  

2018 will go down in history as the year of the "direct sequel" horror movie approach.

Another long-dormant horror move franchise uses this clever concept with "Leprechaun Returns," a much-needed horror/comedy hybrid featuring that lethal little Irish man who audiences thought was dead and buried. But like all other horror franchises that came before it, the "Leprechaun" series rises from the ashes once again.

Having never seen the first "Leprechaun" movie in 1993, I surmised quickly that "Leprechaun Returns" ignores the previous in-name-only sequels and references the original with some exposition dialogue. The "25 years ago" scenario gets repeated often, and we learn that over two decades ago the wise-cracking and killing machine known as The Leprechaun drowned in a well. When a tight-knit group of sorority sisters refurbishes an old house nearby, the pint-sized Irishman returns to claim his pot o' gold.

This gives filmmakers the chance to have the actors and actresses in a secluded location where the Leprechaun can pick them off one by one. Of course, the typical horror movie tropes are well intact in "Leprechaun Returns." But with some intelligent screenplay writing, the characters don't split up often, and do atypical horror film things.

Included in this digital release from Lionsgate are two special features: "Going Green" interviews director Steven Kostanski and a separate extra shows some behind-the-scenes compilation footage.

If there's one small gripe to be made about "Leprechaun Returns," its the lack of any cameo by Jennifer Aniston, lead actress from the first "Leprechaun" film, which would have given the film a fun sense of 1990's nostalgia.

"Leprechaun Returns"

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