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Conner Habib :: porn’s outspoken sensation

Tuesday Feb 16, 2010

Gay men love their porn and love their porn stars but how many of us know much about the people who are the stars? EDGESanFrancisco.com went 1:1 with new porn star sensation Conner Habib to find out more about him and the industry for our monthly Community Q&A.

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Choosing desire

EDGE: Tell us about porn and your passion for doing it, more than many other stars, you have been very outspoken about the industry, any high level thoughts about porn and the LGBT community?

Conner Habib: Something I think porn stars and all members of the LGBT community have in common is that we know how to choose desire when we’re told by the world that we’re not supposed to. We pursue what we’re passionate about in the face of society’s expectations. I think there’s a deep commonality and good lesson for us to see there.

EDGE: You have mentioned that people hide their sex drives, what do you mean? Give us some background on your thinking.

Conner Habib: I don’t think people hide their sex drives so much as pretend that their sex drives are somehow separate from the rest of their lives, behind a wall labeled PRIVATE. For example, intellectuals and spiritual leaders think about sex too - but ask someone about how they masturbate or what their favorite porn is and it becomes "private". For that matter, ask your aunt or grandfather. All of a sudden, it’s off-limits. Why? I’m not saying we’re not entitled to privacy, but does that mean sex has to be closed off from the rest of our lives as not to be talked about, not to be considered intellectually or spiritually? Or worse, it becomes "gross" in people that we’re not attracted to. What led us to this point? Those are questions I’m interested in.

EDGE: Who are your mentors in the porn industry, who do you look up to?

Conner Habib: There are so many - I’m surrounded by great, big-hearted and smart people and always learning! For example, I just did a shoot with Berke Banks - he’s "gay for pay" but he’s an amazing guy and he’s starting his own site. He is friendly and ambitious and comfortable with sex. He acts exactly as we’d want a straight guy to act - no bullshit about gays, totally fine with physical closeness, and with a good sense of humor. I wish I were as open-minded and calm about my body and sexuality as he is. And there are more obvious examples: the owners of Raging Stallion, John Bruno who has been directing for so long and is so confident and smart, the list goes on and on.

Most embarassing moment?

EDGE: What is the longest on set shooting you ever did? How many times did you have to "shoot" during that shoot?

Conner Habib: You know, it’s never been that long - never more than eight hours. I’ve almost had sex that long in real life without the cameras around. And I cum as much as they tell me to. I’m full of the stuff!

EDGE: How realistic is it to believe that you are "into" some of the things we see you doing in the films, do you get a choice in what you do in "bed" on film?

Conner Habib: I don’t do anything I’m not into for money. That’s not to say I equally enjoy everything that happens; sometimes I’m curious and want a new experience, so I try something out and it’s not for me. But I have the final say on what I will and won’t do. It’s important to remember that we all have that in our work life. If you don’t want to do it, don’t take the job! Be happy instead!

EDGE: How does porn affect dating/romance?

Conner Habib: Ha, everyone asks me about this. It affects it, sure. Mostly, it keeps people who can’t handle me and my personality out of my dating pool, which is a nice perk. Of course, it’s not as simple as that. Some guys can sort of deal with it. So you work through it.

EDGE: What kind of guys are you attracted to?

Conner Habib: Guys with a sense of humor, who like to smile, and guys that are really into it from the get go. I can’t stand "hard-to-get". It turns me into "impossible-to-get" in about two seconds.

EDGE: Any secrets to surviving sex with someone you are not "into"?

Conner Habib: Don’t do it! Have sex with people you’re attracted to! In the meantime, if you feel like you’re attracted to a very limited group of people, work on broadening it to include others. Remember that attraction can happen when you pay attention to the way someone touches you, looks at you, or holds a drink. It’s not just pecs and dicks, it’s nuance too.

EDGE: Do you have a good embarrassing story about what happened during a film shoot?

Conner Habib: You know, it’s pretty hard to embarrass a porn star, so no.

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