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Hold Your Peace

by Roger Brigham
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Dec 12, 2011
Hold Your Peace

Watching "Hold Your Peace" is like cruising a really hot guy across the bar ... then finding out on the first date that he has the intelligence of a door knob and the charm of a dishrag. And the date lasts three hours.

The premise of "Hold Your Peace" is appealing enough. Aiden (Chad Ford) is invited to the commitment ceremony of his ex Max (Tyler Brockington) and Max's main squeeze, Forrest (Blair Dickens). Aiden's female confidante Janice (Aleisha Force) talks him into taking along twit friend Lance (Scott Higgins) to pose as his friend in an effort to make Max jealous. Hilarity and romance are supposed to ensue as Aiden and Max revive their old flame and Lance flirts with Forrest.

What actually ensues is a complete lack of chemistry among self-centered, self-absorbed and occasionally spiteful characters. Forced dialogue and contrived situations create one moment after another that are as uncomfortable for the viewer as they are for the characters.

Damned shame. There are dozens of wonderful gay bromance films out there about the transition between friendship and love -- "Big Eden," "Broken Hearts Club" and "Adam and Steve" to name three -- but they all involve characters who at some point actually care about each other as much as they care about themselves. That creates cast chemistry and a bond with the audience.

In "Hold Your Peace," the audience has long ceased to care about the ending which could have been predicted five minutes into the film. Thankfully, it is unlikely writer/director Wade McDonald will give us a sequel in which Max and Lance get it on. Some blind dates should never have been set up in the first place.

Extras on the DVD include directory and cast commentary, outtake scenes and a short featurette, "What is Hold Your Peace?"

Hold Your Peace

Roger Brigham, a freelance writer and communications consultant, is the San Francisco Editor of EDGE. He lives in Oakland with his husband, Eduardo.


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