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We Are Planet Perfecto Vol. 1

by Jamie Nicholes .
Wednesday Mar 21, 2012
We Are Planet Perfecto Vol. 1

Something epic this way comes. Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto imprint has been legendary in the world of club music since its 1997 inception. That prestige is about to be reestablished with wrecking-ball force. Noticeably off the radar for a while, with this first volume of the We Are Planet Perfecto mix series, Oakenfold unveils his new "genre non-conforming" future sound. The two-disc set comprises new music by artists like Juventa, Nicky Romero, Sonic Element and Sunleed; classic anthems breathtakingly remixed and revived like Grace's "Not Over Yet," Oakenfold and Brittany Murphy's "Faster Kill Pussy Cat," PPK's "Resurrection," and CeCe Peniston's "Finally"; and fresh tracks by Oakenfold himself rumored to be lifted from his forthcoming and twice-delayed artist album Pop Killer. Meanwhile, this one showcases a new direction for the label but exercises its versatility by re-presenting Perfecto's previous hits in the new progressive sound, showing how effortlessly they blend with new material, and reminds you of one of Oakenfold's most notable abilities - creating a startling musical journey that never leaves you bored or wondering why the current track was included. Who knows, maybe American gay clubs will actually start playing trance again with this kind of makeover. Fingers crossed.

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