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Four Seasons

Wednesday Feb 20, 2013
Four Seasons

A year after re-launching the groundbreaking Perfecto label with "We Are Planet Perfecto Vol. 1," Paul Oakenfold releases an even more epic masterpiece: the grandly named "Four Seasons. Composed of the seasonally titled mixed sets that had been individually released each quarter of 2012, "Four Seasons" is 12 hours of music; each installment includes a continuous mix as well as each track individually and unmixed - as if further proof were needed that, just because House mixes have gone the way of the podcast, trance and progressive House are alive and well in the same format we have come to know and love.

As with all of this master's mixes, his true strength lies in his track selection and ability to discern truly outstanding music. For those who recall his Essential Mix World Tour, "Four Seasons" epic-ness is very similar to this from a decade ago.

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