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The Red Room

by Jamie Nichols .
Sunday Jun 2, 2013
The Red Room

A seemingly impossible feat, indie L.A. trio DWNTWN immaculately translates delicate acoustic pop into dreamy yet danceable synth pop. Composed of Jamie Leffler, Robert Cepeda and Jerrod Bettis, DWNTWN looks like a bunch of L.A. hipsters and sounds like the love child of Daft Punk's Discovery album, Canadian artist Lights, and Depeche Mode.

This 4-track EP brilliantly frames the group's brand of breathy melancholia, blending naked emotions and lamentations atop beats and synths that can simultaneously lull for private listening and wallop over stadium speakers. The explanation of what the red room is never gets made clear, but based on the lyrical content throughout, someone broke someone's heart and it wasn't pretty.

Look for their new track "Move Me" closing out the Kitsune America 2 compilation.

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