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Review: 'Mapleworth Murders" is a Joke-Filled Delight

by Noe Kamelamela
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Aug 10, 2020
Review: 'Mapleworth Murders" is a Joke-Filled Delight

"Mapleworth Murders" is a delight, filled with a joke every 15 seconds from some of the funniest writers of the past few decades. Paula Pell plays Mrs. Abigail Mapleworth, the insightful and adorably nutty older woman murder mystery writer who abides in small New England everytown New Woodstream. Unfortunately or fortunately for New Woodstream's local killers, Mapleworth has got a sixth, seventh and eighth sense from being a writer for so long, not that she spends all of her time writing, but it isn't difficult to imagine that being surrounded by murder is somewhat of an inspiration for her creative endeavors.

Within short ten minute episodes on Quibi, laughs are crammed into every conceivable place. Pell's performance presupposes that the viewer has been enabled by longer, perhaps more serious murder solving shows with visible nods to the odd-fun pairing of cozy chic and dastardly homicide. There are handfuls of cameos every episode or two from well-known comedians and performers, but the famous guests aren't necessarily villains or killers. The strange and constant murders that happen around Mapleworth are never fully explained, but the audience gets lulled by the rhythm of the admittedly short episodes.

What could have been tiresome in a standard 30-minute sitcom episode format becomes a refreshing weekly episode. Small town passions and the weirdness and awkwardness of living in a place where everyone knows everyone else's business could get old after a while, but when the weirdness is confined to short fifteen second bursts, really only the length to be able to show or repeat one bout of absurdity. Overall, these are wonderful webisodes with really high production value and rewatchability, especially for fans of "Murder She Wrote" or "Midsomer Murders."

Mapleworth Murders
Season 1 Premieres August 10, 2020
Weekly episode release, ~10 mins each

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