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Forky Asks A Question

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Nov 12, 2019
'Forky Asks A Question'
'Forky Asks A Question'  

What is entertaining?

That's an easy enough question to answer. In the new Disney+ animated shorts "Forky Asks a Question," the newest cast member from the series of animated hit feature films "Toy Story," Forky (voiced by comedic actor Tony Hale), proves that the imagination is limitless in a series of instructional bits of wisdom — from the toy chest. Forky is everything that his name suggests — he's a child's toy made from a collection of random parts — but at its core, it's a plastic utensil and is as inquisitive as the child that crafted him.

Forky's limitless curiosity and simple joy of life has it explore all sorts of new experiences like "What is a friend?," or "What is money?," and with the help of some of its friends from the toy chest, Forky learns. It arrives at an appreciation that is both simple and profound, but above all it's entertaining. The craftsmen and animators have gone to every length to make each episode look as perfect as possible — plucked from the very heart of the "Toy Story" world. Every minute will be appreciated, and every kernel of wisdom will undoubtedly spark the imagination.

"Forky Asks a Question" is just one more example of excellence and fits perfectly amidst the premiere offerings on the new digital subscriber-based network Disney+ — it will please toddlers and will resonate with parents as easily. Beautifully animated in the style of the "Toy Story" universe and the featured co-stars will be surprisingly appealing. Let Forky asks the questions. You'll have just as much fun getting the answer.

"Forky Asks a Question" is now streaming on Disney+

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