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Divers/Cite: All Together Different, July 28 - Aug. 3

Saturday Jul 5, 2014
No city knows how to put on a party like Montreal, the nightlife capital of North America, and no event is bigger or more wide-ranging than Divers/Cit, the city’s annual summer mega-celebration.

Bill Hardt Presents The San Diego Pride Parties, July 18 - 20

Monday May 26, 2014
This beautiful oceanfront city’s Pride weekend has grown into the fourth-largest Pride March in the country. Thanks largely to Bill Hardt, it has also expanded into one of the biggest party weekends of the summer.

Independence Provincetown Rages June 28 - July 5

Sunday May 4, 2014
One of the most popular and famous gay resort towns in the world, Provincetown really heats up for the Fourth of July. The action starts nearly a week before Independence Day itself, which falls on a Friday this year.

Alegria San Francisco :: Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday Apr 27, 2014
This Memorial Day Weekend, the most famous and revered gay dance franchise is spreading its wings and heading west.

Head to Dallas for the Purple Party

Saturday Apr 26, 2014
One man’s dream of a party that would bring Dallas’ gay community together has blossomed into the Purple Party, one of the Southeast’s major dance events. This year the festivities run May 9 - 12.

Alegria Chicago

Saturday Feb 1, 2014
Get ready, Chicago: Super-promoter/producer Ric Sena is bringing the signature gay party brand to heat up the night before President’s Day.

Winter Party Festival :: The Hottest Winter in the World

Sunday Jan 5, 2014
Life, they say, is a bitch, but if you are heading to Miami for the Winter Party, it’s a beach -- a giant oceanfront dance floor in ultra-glamorous South Beach.

Masterbeat Welcomes 2014 at the Mayan Theater

Monday Dec 30, 2013
For 2014, the pair of Masterbeat’s favorite and most requested DJ’s spin together - DJ’s Aron and Alyson Calagna will run the decks to take you on the musical journey from one year into the next.

Sobering Circuit

By Jeff Jerome | Saturday Oct 19, 2013
In the world of the Circuit parties, one of the most powerful uplifts of all might come from nothing more than the sheer excitement of being among one’s own.

Circuit Glossary

Wednesday Sep 18, 2013
Not sure what to make of some of that specialized lingo you may have heard on the dance floor at circuit parties? Not to worry: This handy guide will have you chattering away like a native!

I Just Wanna F**kin’ Dance!

By Steve Weinstein | Friday Aug 30, 2013
As gay men continue to evolve, so too does the gay party scene.

HIV Service Organizations Go Clubbing

By Megan Barnes | Friday Jul 5, 2013
In the not-unreasonable belief that testing agencies need to go where people who need to be tested congregate, some people can now get tested when they’re out clubbing.

The Red Room

By Jamie Nichols | Sunday Jun 2, 2013
L.A. trio DWNTWN immaculately translates delicate acoustic pop into dreamy yet danceable synth pop.

DJ Profile :: DJ Manuel de Diego

By Jamie Nicholes | Friday May 3, 2013
DJ Manuel de Diego is the latest dance floor discovery by Masterbeat and the resident DJ of WE Party. Inspired by every genre of music and a passionate maestro to any crowd, the DJ/producer/remixer is a unique voice in the blur of DJ culture.

DJ Profile: Oren Nizri

By Jamie Nicholes | Monday Feb 25, 2013
After jumping the Atlantic to Miami, he’s been steadily ascending the ranks with his brand of big-room techno and progressive House.

Four Seasons

Wednesday Feb 20, 2013
A year after re-launching the groundbreaking Perfecto label with "We Are Planet Perfecto Vol. 1," Paul Oakenfold releases an even more epic masterpiece.

DJ Spotlight: Ralphi Rosario

By Steve Weinstein | Friday Jan 4, 2013
Chances are, if you’ve set foot on a dance floor in the past two decades, you’ve been enjoying his music.

Plug In, Log On ... Drop Out?

By Steve Weinstein | Monday Oct 29, 2012
The many apps available on so-called smartphones have long since surpassed actually speaking to someone else, which is beginning to seem as fusty as Alexander Graham Bell paging Mr. Watson.

Hot Singles For Spring

By Jamie Nicholes | Monday Apr 2, 2012
Jamie Nicholes has your must-downloads for Spring!

We Are Planet Perfecto Vol. 1

By Jamie Nicholes | Wednesday Mar 21, 2012
Something epic this way comes. Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto imprint has been legendary in the world of club music since its 1997 inception.

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