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By Jamie Nicholes | Sunday Mar 18, 2012
If you took Ke$ha’s electro-pop sound, Kasey Chambers’ voice and Natalie Imbruglia’s demureness from the "Torn" video, you’d have Canadian electronic artist Lights, an addicting amalgamation of disparate elements to say the least.

Fire & Ice

By Jamie Nicholes | Thursday Mar 15, 2012
This boy has come so far from where he began. Originally a near-unknown House purist with a few singles on Om Records and a dedicated niche following, Kaskade’s name now credits remixes done for a zillion mainstream artists.

You Can Ask & They Can Tell

By Shaun Knittel | Monday Mar 12, 2012
"Do you have a discount for members of the military?" was not a question that you would have expected to hear at a gay nightclub or Circuit party. Until now.

Tel Aviv: Israel’s Party-Loving Beachfront Metropolis

By Brett Taylor | Tuesday Mar 6, 2012
With a gay scene that compares favorably to gay capitals around the globe, an amazing beach, warm weather, great food and hot men, it’s no surprise that the IGLTA rated Tel Aviv the best gay destination in the world.

DJ Spotlight - Dave Audé

By Matt Kalkhoff | Tuesday Feb 28, 2012
Remember all those great mixes of your favorite songs you heard at the club last weekend - and probably lots of others you didn’t recognize but loved anyway? There’s a very good chance Dave Audé had something to do with many of them!

Winter Party - Partying with a Purpose

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Feb 24, 2012
This year, the Winter Party Festival, a weeklong bacchanalia of parties, dancing, shopping and fun in the warm sun and balmy breezes of South Florida, runs from February 29 to March 5.

Dig These Discs :: Micha Moor & Epiphony, Leona Lewis, BT, JoJo, Maroon 5

By Jamie Nicholes | Thursday Dec 8, 2011
Hot club hits you have to download!

The Night the Sun Came Up

By Jamie Nicholes | Tuesday Dec 6, 2011
Dev’s flying as high as a G6. Originally discovered on MySpace by production team The Cataracs, Dev’s first introduction to the mainstream was on Far East Movement’s Billboard #1 single "Like A G6."

Welcome To Medina

By Jamie Nicholes | Sunday Dec 4, 2011
Medina is the Danish Britney Spears, but without all the batshit crazy.

The Incredible Shrinking Circuit Body

By Shaun Knittel | Thursday Dec 1, 2011
It’s Not Your Imagination: Guys Are Getting Slimmer

Alyson Calagna - House Is Her OM

By Jeffery Taylor | Thursday Nov 24, 2011
When you listen to Alyson Calagna, whether on a dance floor in New York, Rome, or Bangkok; at the gym through your iPod playing her latest podcast; or as you walk down the street streaming one of her songs you can’t help but move.

Salt Lake City - "More-Men" Central

By Michael Westley | Friday Nov 18, 2011
Nestled along the foot of the grand Wasatch Mountain range, Salt Lake City is a clean, safe and exciting year-round destination.

These DJs Are As Hot As Their Music

By Noize Magazine | Monday Sep 19, 2011
Some DJs are becoming as known for their buff bodies as their musical talents. Take a look at these Circuit stars. Who knew their bodies were as hot as their beats?

DJ Profile :: Francesco Pagano

By Scott Kearnan | Monday Sep 12, 2011
Once upon a time, DJ Pagano longed to feel that kind of community that only music brings.

Dig These Discs :: Kylie Minoque, Joan Reyes & Sergi Domene, Taio Cruz, Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard

By Noize Magazine | Monday Sep 5, 2011
Noize Magazine brings you the latest dance-floor hits!

Austin, Texas: The Most Gay-Friendly Capital

By George Fencl | Monday Aug 22, 2011
Located right smack-dab in the heart of Texas, Austin, the Lone Star State’s capital city, is the gateway to Texas Hill Country. It may be in the center of the giant state, but it’s a world away from Texas stereotypes.

Noise Overdose

By D. Michael Taylor | Monday Aug 22, 2011
In 2004, a Canadian independent film was released about a DJ who lost his livelihood because he went completely deaf.

Dig These Discs :: Tony Moran, Sade, iio, Hed Kandi

By Noize Magazine | Monday Aug 15, 2011
Noize Magazine gives you the skinny on four hot new releases

How Lady GaGa Got Us to ’Just Dance’

By Steve Weinstein | Monday Aug 8, 2011
It wasn’t that long after a shy former New York University student named Stefani Germanotta had reinvented herself as Lady GaGa that she became noticed on the gay club scene.

Cosmopolitan Toronto’s LGBT Allure

By Jesse Trautmann | Tuesday May 24, 2011
One of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities boasts a very active major gayborhood, several minor ones, world-class restaurants, spaces made famous from TV’s Queer as Folk - and even an all-S&M bed-and-breakfast.

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