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Drag March For Change :: June 14, 2020

Drag March For Change :: June 14, 2020

Jun 16
In support of Black Lives Matter, Chicago's Drag March for Change kicked off at Belmont Avenue and Halsted Street. Ending at Grace Street, drag community leaders spoke about current issues facing their community in hopes of creating lasting change.

Congress Members Demand Proof Trump Had Pentagon Support on Trans Troop Ban

By Ryan Lynch | Oct 21
114 members of Congress pushed for evidence from President Donald Trump that he has support from head military officials on his ban of transgender military members.

Transgender Man Sues Indiana Over Citizenship Requirement for Legal Name Change

By John Riley | Sep 25
A transgender man who has been granted asylum in the United States is suing over an Indiana state law that requires him to provide proof of citizenship before he can legally change his name to reflect his gender identity.

Trans Community Faces Pushback, Enjoys Support

By Jeff Taylor | Aug 21
The transgender community is having its moment in the spotlight, after Gov. Pat McCrory signed the discriminatory HB2 into law, kicking off a legal battle with the U.S. Department of Justice. Transgender rights are now a national conversation.

San Francisco Mayor Names Trans Advisor

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jun 19
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has tapped Theresa Sparks, the longtime executive director of the city's Human Rights Commission, as his senior adviser for transgender initiatives.

SF Event Promotes CA Transgender Campaign

By Matthew S. Bajko | Jun 4
An effort to educate the public about transgender people, the Transform California campaign is co-led by statewide LGBT advocacy group Equality California and the Oakland-based Transgender Law Center.

A Transition in Society

By Brendon Lies | May 22
Sure I live openly, but like those other details, it's not always guaranteed to come up in a live conversation. It doesn't have to be a secret for it to be unknown... and in the back of my mind, being transgender still feels like taboo.

What About the 'T' in GLBT?

By Steve Weinstein | Feb 21
Does the recent disbanding of New York's Empire State Pride Agenda signify that on their way to the altar rich gays threw trans people under the bus?

All-Gender Restrooms Proposed in San Francisco

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jan 16
San Francisco Supervisor David Campos this week introduced legislation that would require local businesses and city-owned properties to make all one-person bathrooms gender neutral.

Violence and Visibility

By Steve Weinstein | Dec 28
2015 saw a surge in anti-trans murders. Top elected officials and transgender men and women themselves have been sounding the alarm.

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