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For Boomers Reframing Aging, Age-Proofing A Home Won't Come Cheap

By Sharon Jayson | Oct 21
Aging in place is a major financial commitment, one that may be at odds with retirees' plans to downsize their lives and budgets and squirrel away cash in anticipation of rising health care costs.

Data Shed Light on LGBT Retirees

By Matthew S. Bajko | Aug 6
Many people, no matter their sexual orientation, have tied their identity to their work life and can find adjusting to retirement a challenge. But LGBT retirees face particular challenges.

Tennessee Tourism Launches New Website to Recruit Retirees

Jul 30
Tennessee tourism officials are launching a website that aims to recruit retirees to settle down in the state.

Margaritaville King Jimmy Buffet Launches Retirement Village

Mar 7
You can't get any more laid back than retirement. So perhaps it's fitting that the king of laid-back music, Jimmy Buffet, is lending his vibe to a retirement community.

For Some Low-Income Workers, Retirement is Only a Dream

By Maria Ines Zamudio | Oct 26
Studies have found that about one-third of low wage workers say they'll never be able to afford retirement. The problem is particularly acute among minority women.

Fort Lauderdale Named a 'Best City' for LGBT Seniors

By Brittany Ferrendi | Oct 8
Ever wanted to know the best place to retire as a member of the LGBT community? One senior housing referral service just did all the work for you.

Women More Likely Than Men to Face Poverty During Retirement

By Adam Allington | Jul 11
During their working years, women tend to earn less than men, and when they retire, they're more likely to live in poverty.

Americans Have Disparate Access to Retirement Plans

By Sarah Skidmore Sell | May 26
Americans who want to retire may face very unequal paths to get there depending on where they live.

Republicans Block Stricter Rules on Retirement Savings

By Andrew Taylor | May 25
Republicans controlling the Senate passed legislation Tuesday to block new Obama administration rules that require financial professionals to put their client's best interest first when giving advice on retirement investments.

Flying Autopilot with Target-Date Funds: Points to Consider

By Stan Choe | May 2
Target-date retirement funds aim to make investing simple, and that's why their popularity is exploding.

1 thru 10 of 18 Stories