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Sunday, August 13 is Gay Uncles Day

Sunday Aug 13, 2017

Dig through your photos for your best gay uncle moments. Fire up your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Because Sunday is Gay Uncles Day.

Whether Hallmark recognizes it with a line of greeting cards or not, Sunday August 13 is Gay Uncles Day. The holiday, which is largely celebrated on social media, joins Puppy Day and Awkward Moments Day on the growing list of "Hashtag Holidays."

According to Gay Star News, Gay Uncle's Day can trace its origins to Florida Facebook user, C.J. Hatter, who first suggested designating the second Sunday of August as Gay Uncle's Day in 2016.

"Throughout human history, gay men have been the family historians, the educators of children, the people relied upon to archive and maintain family lore. They've been the ad hoc caregivers/foster parents to the offspring of deceased members of their tribes," Hatter told Gay Star News.

"I want us to not only be relatives of, but relatable to, future generations. This can only happen if we are fully recognized and accepted as members of the family unit. To that end, I chose the second Sunday of August to be the day to celebrate Gay Uncles."

Although (even by hashtag holiday standards) Gay Uncles Day is very new, the idea spread quickly around the globe in its first year. Australia bobsledder and "guncle" Simon Dunn spoke with NBC Out last year about the holiday.

"I love the idea of showing appreciation to gay uncles (and aunts)," Dunn said. "Having a day that your family acknowledge your value to them regardless of your sexuality but also at the same time show your sexuality is accepted by them is truly a powerful thing."


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