Happy Birthday, Kylie! The Princess of Pop's Best Songs

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday May 30, 2022
Originally published on May 26, 2022

Happy Birthday, Kylie! The Princess of Pop's Best Songs
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On the heels of fellow diva Cher's birthday last week, the once and future Princess of Pop Kylie Minogue also happens to be turning a year older. While most gay men can't understand why Kylie was never more of a star in the United States, don't fret: She's sold over 80 million records worldwide, making her the best-selling female Australian artist of all time. Here in the US, anyway, she shares her title of Princess of Pop with Britney Spears, but in Europe she rules uncontested.

Kylie is remarkable for a lot of reasons. Not only for the way that she has revitalized and reshaped pop music throughout her career, but for the ways that she has managed to keep the dance hits coming for three decades. She beat cancer, has released over 15 albums, and is an outspoken philanthropist for many different causes. In celebration of another trip around the sun for Kylie, here are her 10 best songs:

"Can't Get You Out of My Head"

Even if people say they aren't familiar with Kylie Minogue, they know this song. Released three days prior to September 11 which no doubt impacted its success, the song still managed to reach number one in 40 countries, a pretty impressive feat. Not originally written for Minogue, she jumped at the chance to record it after listening to only 20 seconds of it, and the rest is history.

"Love at First Sight"

In North America, "Love at First Sight" was released as the second single off "Fever," after "Can't Get You Out of My Head" had achieved record-breaking success. The song was well received, though it didn't approach it predecessor's numbers. Still, it earned Kylie her first ever Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording, which was years overdue.

"All the Lovers"

Released as the lead single from "Aphrodite," Kylie's eleventh studio album in 2010, "All the Lovers" was actually the last song written for the album. Disappointed by the reception of her previous album, "X," which was her first following her recovery from breast cancer, Kylie immediately got to work on a comeback album that packed more of a punch. The result, "Aphrodite," remains one of Kylie's best albums.


The lead single from her 2003 album "Body Language," "Slow" went on to earn Kylie her second Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording. Kylie herself has said that "Slow" is her favorite song from her entire career, which left us no choice but to include it here.

"Come Into My World"

The follow-up single to "Love at First Sight" from 2002's "Fever," "Come Into My World" was a last minute addition to the album, which turned out to be a good move: The song went on to win Kylie her first — and only — Grammy Award. It's not hard to see why: It's a verified bop.

"Into the Blue"

This entry will likely be a somewhat controversial addition to this list, but in the eight years since its release, "Into the Blue" — unlike most of its album, "Kiss Me Once" — has stood the test of time and remains an uplifting and on-brand addition to her catalogue of great songs. With its infectious chorus and top-shelf production, it's time to consider "Into the Blue" one of Kylie's best.


The second single released from the otherwise mostly forgettable "X," "Wow" is about as bubblegum and catchy as they come. It drew somewhat unfair comparisons to Madonna's '80s songs like "Holiday," which is part of the reason that Kylie never achieved the same level of fame in the U.S. that she did in other countries; she was always being compared to Madonna, despite Kylie being a very different artist with very different music. Regardless, "Wow" is a gem.

"On a Night Like This"

This is one amazing single from a very mediocre album, 2000's "Light Years," which didn't produce much in terms of singles with staying power. But "On a Night Like This" is a ravishing and dreamy dance song that finds Kylie at her best: Turning a night at the club into an awe-struck rush of serotonin, all in under four minutes.

"Stop Me from Falling" (feat. Gente de Zona)

Don't get us wrong, the version without the Cuban reggaeton duo Gente de Zona is great too, but this unexpected joining of forces produced one of the freshest sounding tracks of 2018. From her 14th studio album, "Golden," Kylie ventured into new territory, embracing an American country sound she had never explored before. The result was refreshing and successful, which yielded several great songs like "Dancing," "Golden," and "Shelby '68." But "Stop Me from Falling" is the crown jewel of this album, and this remix made it even better.

Everything from "The Abbey Road Sessions"

Of course, we are cheating by naming an entire album as one of her ten best songs, but this album really is a beginning-to-end treat, save for an unfortunate version of "Locomotion." Featuring orchestral and slowed down versions of Kylie's biggest dance hits, she managed to convey a vulnerability, class, and introspection that is often missed when the bass is thumping in your ear. Every major artist would benefit from an "Abbey Road Sessions"-style reimagining of their material — it's that good.