Queer Celeb Home Tours We Go to For Inspiration

by Andrea Marks Joseph

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday November 26, 2022

Demi Lovato and Troye Sivan for Architectural Digest
Demi Lovato and Troye Sivan for Architectural Digest  (Source:YouTube still)

Filming an Architectural Digest home tour is a true Moment in celeb life, and the queer homes are some of the best ones! It's always fun to see the bespoke artwork, lavish architecture, and extraordinary creatives that celebrities have access to. It's also exciting to get a well-styled but personal peek into their everyday lives. More than anything, seeing the customized luxury of celebrity homes can remind us of the comfort and joy we deserve —whether it's a sofa shape we hadn't seen before, a one-of-a-kind lampshade, or just a whole lot of daydreaming about someday having a backyard!

Nate & Jeremiah's sophisticated, lived-in New York family home

Designer couple Nate and Jeremiah have returned to the New York home that they sold eight years ago. It's their most charming decor project yet, very much inspired by their kids being old enough to contribute ideas. The home is still as sophisticated as you'd expect, but it's also genuinely lived-in, textured, and practical for their family's daily adventures. The majestic, marbled kitchen has a skylight; their love of the monochromatic is offset by their decision to use an array of textures in each room. The married couple's bedroom is wallpapered to look like they've woken up in a forest. Their children's floor of the home is more playful and colorful than we've ever seen from the duo; Poppy and Oskar's bedrooms are a childlike fantasyland of neon signs, wildly pattered wallpaper, and soft animal toys.

Demi Lovato's bright maximalist home, filled with youthful energy

Demi Lovato's home is filled with creations by emerging artists from underrepresented communities, and it's designed to inspire their own creativity –complete with a home studio to record music. Lovato's trippy utopia has a psychedelic “shroom room” with a color-changing cloud chandelier. Their backyard has a bar and grill, in-ground trampolines, and a tiny picnic table for the squirrels they feed by hand. They've built an outdoor area specifically for their dogs, Batman and Cinderella, including adorable dog portraits. Lovato entertains guests from their kitchen's giant island, which is surrounded by mustard Gucci wallpaper and filled with quirky brass details. Palm tree wallpaper and a neon sign in their hot pink glam room ensures they're energized when they leave for work, and a colorful mirrored “spaceship” elevator lets them travel in style between floors. This is a home only Demi could dream up!

Troye Sivan's peaceful, open plan, park-side Melbourne sanctuary

Troye Sivan's Melbourne home feels like a breath of fresh air! All the windows open wide to let in natural light and birdsong from the park next door. He's selected the color sage, and “heaps and heaps and heaps” of wood as staples throughout the home, which glows at night from all the lampshades. Sivan's decided against using overhead lights, instead going with what he calls “a soup of light” created by scattered sources of soft lighting. This is a home Sivan imagines when he's meditating, a space that he can truly relax and enjoy life in. One of the most restful places? A couch advertised as the most comfortable couch in the world, which Sivan agrees with. Troye's kitchen appliances are built into wooden cupboards, which continues the serene sense that you're somehow still outside. This open-plan house is filled with eccentric artwork, endless comfortable seating areas, and —in order to make sure people know that he is “very, very gay”— also littered with gay, homoerotic books. There's also a very dramatic, unforgettable cave-like outdoor toilet!

Shay Mitchell's warm, well-travelled, treasure-filled family home

This home tour features the custom-made couch Shay Mitchell recently showcased on TikTok when joining the 'bisexual people have a green couch' trend. Her home is filled with warm colors, natural textures, and conveys the well-travelled vibe she intended it to. There are spectacular chandeliers and lamps in every room, a nursery with a golden crib, a moody speakeasy-inspired bar area, and a bookshelf that the family actually reads from, arranged by color. The nursery has a lovely photo wall depicting Shay's travels, which inspired the name of her first child, Atlas. This home is the perfect inspiration for people who have picked up treasures while traveling, and for those who pop in at every vintage store looking for unique glassware, sculptures, and lived-in furniture.

Cara Delevingne's outrageous, inviting Los Angeles adult playhouse

Cara Delevingne says this home feels like her Playboy Mansion. The overall vibe is a mischievous atmosphere of secret doors and escape rooms, with plants all around. There's a gold bath area with a massive TV, arcade machines, a poker room, and a ball pit that the supermodel dives into to reduce stress. She's got queer touches throughout, including what Delevingne introduces as “a his and hers sink, or a hers and hers sink, you know, depending on my mood!” and a Pride flag flask sitting on her bar counter. The house is outrageous, but immediately comfortable; It's somewhere anyone would love to hang out. And isn't that exactly what a home should be? Cara's has Gucci wallpaper, vibrant blue kitchen cabinetry, a double-bed bunkbed, a bathroom that is a David Bowie shrine, and a vagina tunnel –yes you read that correctly—which she climbs into and informs the camera: “I'm going to show you where this lovely labia leads”. Her drawing room has a “wicked” see-through piano, which Delevingne plays naked when she's home alone; But there's also a room definitely not built for one person: It has soft carpeted walls, mirrored ceilings, a gold stripper pole, and a sturdy swing; She calls it her “pink pussy palace.”