Did 'Zaddy' Christopher Meloni Nurture a Generation of Gay Men Due to 'Oz?'

Sunday August 22, 2021
Originally published on August 12, 2021

After telling the world he can catch flies with his ass-cheeks, Christopher Meloni secured his place as America's Zaddy. But does the right wing know what he's done for gay recruitment?

Before "Law and Order: SUV," Meloni was featured on HBO's prison series "Oz," where he played a bisexual prisoner Chris Keller. "The HBO jailhouse drama put audiences through the ringer, and had Meloni in all states of undress," writes Yahoo!News. "As Keller, he flirted openly (and pretty obscenely) with other inmates in gifs that have gone around the internet and back again. And if you thought he was unaware of the impact he's had, he would like to disabuse you of that notion."

Meloni received a tweet this week that reflected his impact. Twitter user Matthew Belvedere replied to a Meloni tweet with: "Dude you caused my sexual awakening with OZ. Well myself and an entire generation, thank you!"

To which Meloni replied, "Doin what I can my man, juss doin what I can"

He initially thought Zadie was "a cutie thing,"†until journalist Anna Peele sets him straight, imparting that being zaddy-licious is "a†distinguished†vintage" — that is, as Chris susses out, "it's reserved for an older gentleman," according to BuzzFeed News

Meloni recently was on the cover of "Men's Health" magazine in which he talked about his diet, exercise and his booty. "I catch flies with my ass cheeks, like a Venus flytrap," he said. That booty got him in the tabloids earlier this year while filming his new "Law and Order" spin-off series "SVU: Organized Crime" when a snap of his backside went viral.

"'Zaddy! the Internet cried," Men's Health continued. "And Zaddy Meloni welcomed his new acolytes onto his thickly quaded lap. When I tell him he's having a cultural moment, he says, accurately, 'My ass is.' And Meloni, with his butch blend of off-color bluntness and gleeful mugging, is enjoying the high. 'It's cool as shit,' he says of having a renaissance in the back third of his life."