Cody Simpson Thirst-traps Without Even Trying

Sunday October 24, 2021
Originally published on October 19, 2021

Cody Simpson thirst trapped to his fans without taking his clothes off. The pop singer, who attempted to make the Australian Olympic swim team last summer, has been regularly seen in the media in his Speedo, not in a recording studio. But in an IG he posted on Monday he was back in the studio in four pics, two of him standing in a tan suit and black T-shirt holding a coffee cup with an electric guitar on a chair, and two of him sitting and holding the guitar.

But it isn't his guitar that caught his fan's attention. "Cody's fans went wild as they caught a glimpse of what appeared to be his manhood while he posed in a tailored grey suit next to a guitar," writes the Daily Mail.

In the IG he writes, "calm before the storm," with no mention of what is obvious in the pic. His fans noticed, though, in their IG comments:

"Uuuuuugghh is anyone going to address the elephant in the pants. I mean room lmfao," writes joeyscissorhand.

"You can balance on that third leg bra,' comments mitchlambert with a LOL emoji.

felixmallardsource writes: "suddenly my throats bored and i have no gag reflex"

And jakepickingdaily says, "it looked at me first.."

Check out more pics from Cody's IG: