Watch: Andy Cohen and His Mom Talk Gay Porn, Coming Out, and More

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Saturday December 11, 2021
Originally published on December 10, 2021

Andy Cohen and his 83-year-old mother, Evelyn, dish in a charming new video for People magazine about his coming out, how his gay porn clued her in (or not), and how he's his mother's son.

The video, titled "Like Mother, Like Son," accompanies a feature in the current edition of the magazine. In the magazine, Cohen and Evelyn seem to debate just what it was that clued Evelyn in to the fact that her son is gay. The possibilities are numerous, ranging from a gay porno magazine Evelyn found under his bed to a young Cohen's acting in school plays; at one point, Evelyn recalls, "he was in 'Carousel,' prancing around in it, and I wondered..."

"So the gay porn wasn't clue enough?" Andy interjects. "It had to be that I was 'prancing' around in 'Carousel?!' As if, by the way, the Diana Ross posters in my bedroom weren't clue enough.

"I thought it was so obvious," Cohen goes on to add.

There was also a letter Evelyn found in which Andy talked about being gay and being afraid to come out.

"She thinks I left it out on purpose so she would find it," Andy told the magazine. "She confronted me about it, and I told her I was gay. We both started crying, and it was very emotional. But moments later she said, 'I probably would've hated your wife anyway.' It was so funny and so true."

However it happened, Andy's coming out to Evelyn "definitely brought us closer," the "Watch What Happens Live" host said.

For her part, Evelyn credited her son being gay with her involvement with Doorways, which, she explained, "provides housing for people with HIV/ AIDS.

"It was a big relief to me, to meet all of these really wonderful people I hadn't known before and to be able to contribute something," Andy's mom said.

"It's an amazing testament to the kind of person she is," Andy added, "that her reaction to me coming out was: 'I need to get involved in this community.' "

In the video, the two take turns reading from a list of questions and answering them. Topics of discussion include "The one thing I admire most about my mom," and "The one time my son embarrassed me on TV".

"It isn't one time," Evelyn confided. "He can be so filthy on that show, and I'm watching it... and he just says filthy things that I think are unnecessary."

Evelyn also complains that Andy asks her husband to say filthy things, as well.

"I ask both of you to say filthy things," Andy objects. "And you all say them! You're a participant in it!"

Evelyn counters that she feels she's be "ruining" the show if she didn't go along with it. However, the two note, Evelyn is getting a horn to honk instead of having to say "filthy things" that she finds objectionable.

The full feature is in the current issue of People. Watch the ten-minute video below.

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