Meet (and Vote for) the Mr. Gay World Contestants

Sunday October 24, 2021
Originally published on October 14, 2021

With voting underway for this year's Mr. Gay World, the organization announced it is amending its policy to encompass the male identifying spectrum within the LGBTQ+ community.

"Mr Gay Worldô is a pageant and awareness promoting competition for the upliftment and empowerment of gay men as a minority group," reads the release.

"The competition is open to anyone who identifies as male, using him and his pronouns and who collectively identifies as male. The title winner would be crowned as Mr. Gay Worldô and it is for this reason that all entrants should identify in this way."

Voting continues through Tuesday, October 26, 2021. Information about the ten finalists and how to vote is available on the Mr. Gay World website.

Here are the ten finalists:

Lorcan McAuliffe (Ireland)

Mr Gay Ireland and Mr Gay Limerick, Lorcan has his eyes set on obtaining his PhD in Nursing, as well as one day winning an award at the Irish Musical Awards. He wants to continue educating himself on LGBTQ+ issues and advocating for the community.

Joshua Aponte (Puerto Rico)

Winner of Costume design competitions, dance competitions and drag competitions; Joshuan aims to never stop learning and growing. He wants to promote loving and accepting one's self and all of the things that make one who they are, and what makes them gay.

Nathaniel Davis III (USA)

Nathaniel Davis III is an avid basketball and football player, and speaks and performs at Pride events. He has set his sights on becoming the first black/multi-ethnic man from the United States to win Mr. Gay World 2021.

Ram Dulip (Sri Lanka)

This delegate is skilled in the performing arts, but is also trained in Human Resources Management and Banking. Asia's Motivational Speaker Of The Year 2021, Ram wants to speak out and represent the LQBTQI+ community.

Kevin Drabek (Czech-Slovak

Gayman Czech Slovakia 2021 and student of Diplomacy and Politics. Kevin wants to give back to the community through his experience and memories he has of communism.

Diego Badillo (Mexico)

Mr Gay World Mexico 2021, Diego specialized in editorial media, and hopes to have his own commercial chain of beauty salons and facial aesthetics. He wants to leave a mark that does not go unnoticed in the eyes of history.

Benjamin Naessler (Germany)

Mr Gay Germany and GAB Covermodel winner, Benjamin prizes both physical and mental health. He is also driving a campaign against homophobia in Soccer.

Joe Carcasona (Philippines)

This Mr Gay World Philippines 2021 has a special interest in the performing arts. He is passionate about advocacy for Universal Health Care & Welfare for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Lou Breytenbach (South Africa)

Mr Gay World South Africa 2021, Lou works in education, media, and entertainment. He wants to make a difference by one day opening an LGBTIQ+ safe haven and shelter for LGBTIQ+ youth with Mental Health facilities.

Sanjay Ramcharan (Netherlands)

Dutch representative Sanjay has dreams to have the best hair salon in the Netherlands, and is also passionate about teaching parents, as well as advocating for interracial couples. He believes love is the most important thing in life.